Chinese New Year Eve lunch and dinner… waiting an hour for food is BOGUS!


Jon, Steph, and I talked about poker night / TMI stuff on the way to the townhouse – coffee and bananas did not work, let’s just say. When we wished Grandma a Happy New Year, she gave us a typical response: “It’s not until tomorrow!” Considering that we won’t SEE her tomorrow, we think that early wishes are just fine! We had SIU LONG BAO, Chinese grapefruit, crunchy taro, Chinese New Year treats, duck wings, almond / coconut Smarties, bok choy, and a whole bunch of other stuff for lunch while talking about the HOHOHOs / Thai House / an APRIL dinner for CNY / pizza / veggies / the news out of Egypt (the TV footage looked fiery!) / shark’s fin soup (Jon and I were feeling bad about that, but a 90-year-old isn’t going to change her mind!) / Kate’s engagement in Finland / banking / Aberdeen Mall / dinner at Shiang Garden with Alan and Polly / when Steph’s birthday dinner should be / whether we had to go vegan for Harmony’s birthday dinner (we don’t if it’s on a Sunday!) / the thrift store / Mom’s new friends / keys and cellphones / Grandma doing the dishes / Grandma’s Lunar birthday / apples / oranges / shirts / toilet paper / all six of us in the kitchen at once (“PARTY!”) / the US snow / Sunday plans. After Steph dropped me and Grandma off at the bank (and Jon off at the Canada Line station), I was able to go in with her while she looked at some stuff. It was pretty neat seeing her certificate of Canadian citizenship / Hong Kong money / old passports and documents / amber / jade!

From there, I convinced her to take the Canada Line, although she thought we could just walk the twenty LONG blocks from Richmond Centre to Aberdeen since it was “close.” Um, no! Considering she complains about walking two blocks from Lansdowne Station to Dr. Ruby’s office, that wasn’t happening! Once we got to Aberdeen, we spent a few hours just walking around (looked at jewelry, the bookstore, the bakery, and other things) / resting – she bought kiwis, longan, three Philippine mangoes (one for me), lettuce, bananas (two for me), and more from the supermarket; two packages of cream crackers (one for me), a package of lemon creme crackers (for me), and a package of sultana crackers from a fair booth; $76 worth of dried walnuts / mangoes / spicy peas / fruit from the dried fruit store. While we were resting, she showed me everything in her wallet – pictures, reminders of Uncle Michael / Auntie Leslie / Yvonne / Aaron / Lillian / Cousin Eric / Great-Aunt, cards, and lots more. Contrary to what she thinks, Eric M. and I do NOT go out – he’s just a great guy!

It only took us ten minutes to walk from the mall to the restaurant, and I recognized the red-and-gold sign immediately. Dinner itself was good (lobster / shark’s fin soup / veggies / mushrooms / other stuff) – I was able to turn my brain off while my parents talked to Alan and Polly about Egypt / Auntie Helen / Bryant / Jordan / Thomas / hockey / their church friends. Alan and Polly even gave me lucky money! However, we had to wait an hour for the food to even arrive (yes, I make allowances for the place being really busy on Chinese New Year Eve :P), and then another 45 minutes to an hour for the fish (Grandma’s favorite!) and desserts! We even asked multiple times where the fish was, and got fed some BS line about the kitchen – then they admitted that they gave it to the wrong tables! At home, I told Steph / Jon / Harmony what had happened via phone calls before settling in to talk to Teunis about WOW / eating / the Canucks winning 6-0 against Phoenix / Android emulators while catching up on stuff. I also found out that Olivia C.’s friend Flora Liu wants to add me to Facebook – DENIED!


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