You’re NOT an auntie… or ARE you? HAHAHAHAHA!

When Teunis got up, I told him about Krista’s message; we also discussed sushi rice, pork roasts, the pork chops, pancakes as a way of using up eggs, soy milk, health, DRAGON AGE characters, habanero / chili / jalapeno / Bell peppers, pizza, nuts, tomatoes as a sweet fruit (who knew?), peaches, strawberries, and foreign concepts. Also talked about sourdough, nicknames, the Yukon, his coffee grinder, pain, sourdough alcohol, fire oil, taste, SNOW WHITE, WICKED, MIRROR MIRROR / Scott / Alicia, butter, spatulas, margarine, glass-top stoves being BAD to cook on, TWO FAT LADIES (they got on instantly!), the improved bathroom fan, expiry dates, and more.

Later, I called Chinese Eric to remind him about Friday and MissionsFest – he was actually home and awake, haha! I told him that if something accidentally happened like last time we hung out, someone would probably drive me home… ah, the advantages of hanging around a big group! Since the plenary session starts earlier this year (6 instead of 7?!), I told him about that as well. He says he’ll call me tomorrow night to arrange things, which definitely sounds good! Depending on what we plan, I’ll certainly have to call white Eric! Since Teunis was busy playing games, he had no real context to the phone conversation, and actually answered my question to Auntie (Eric’s mom) as to whether Chinese Eric was home or not… HAHAHAHA! For some reason, I’m way too easily amused!


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