Curry stuff from Hong Kong IS good… and so are chocolate coins!

When Henry picked me up, I laughed about how many Facebook notifications he must have – 46 LIKES and 25 comments about a new relationship status?! He met her at church and loved her pure voice, hahahaha. I saw the most ghetto “N” sign ever on the way to church, too. Actually, it wasn’t even a sign. It was just the letter “N” made of silver and green duct tape, stuck on the back of a car. That would probably make the cops I know just cringe! When we got to church, I said hi to a bunch of kids and leaders (Rosenda, Auntie Rebecca, Eunice, Victoria, Chrystal, Daniel, Golden) – waved to Tim and Keenan, and gave the giant candy canes / jellybeans to Nina (who thanked me) / Emily / Gerard. Told Rachel that Gloria didn’t disappear since I’d just seen her a few minutes before! I took a bunch of chocolate coins, and tried some curry snack that Victor had brought from Hong Kong – Mary did too, but Margaret didn’t want anything to do with curry! Said hi to Sophia and her nephews Ian and Gabriel M. On the way home, I gave Ian L. my mystery / intrigue / suspense book to BORROW – no, not keep! He and Sean talked about GUNDAM and such – at least Ian remembered my name, although he could have looked inside the book for that, haha! Got home and went out again for toilet paper, paper towels, LARGE garbage bags, laundry detergent, Green & Black’s hazelnut-currant dark chocolate, noodles, peanut butter, raspberry jam, ginger beer, Valentine’s Day stuff, pads, and more from London Drugs.

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