Red hoodie for less than $5, and my first-ever band T-shirt… AC/DC!

I called Barry at around 2 to see if we could set up an appointment for food shopping; Monday at noon it is! After paying my Shaw bill, I decided to go out and run errands before the banks closed – did stuff with money, had a honeydew bubble tea at Big Orange, and then went to Sears to see if I could replace my purple Adidas sweatshirt. I found a men’s red hoodie for only $4.90 – yay, sales! Nearby, I found a pile of AC/DC T-shirts, so I decided to finally get my first band T-shirt at a reasonable price! (that will replace my purple “WHATEVER” T-shirt) Maybe I’ll wear it to church, but then again maybe not! Then I looked for some sweatpants to go with the hoodie – found some in a different shade of red, so that was quite satisfying. Got home to find a message from Teunis: next week works if he plans to give Rhiannon some written notice tonight! Storage, moving things around, and other stuff is all very important for sure! Might as well do laundry, too…


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