"I feel like an official Canadian now – the snow helps!" / Rye crackers!

John A. (snooooopy) finally emailed me back to say that the stuff arrived, and he feels like more of an official Canadian than ever. “The weather has helped out, too. Very brisk, fair bit of snow — I thought I moved south to escape that.” I’m glad, because I plan to send Julie S. (julie709) a personalized Canucks keychain as well! (and maybe Corey once he gets back to Fort Collins for good) I also plan to buy 15 Easter cards when it’s time in late March, which is what happens when you have that number of Easter stickers! I’m going to London Drugs to get cough medicine in capsule form, two Canucks keychains, one or two packages of dark rye crackers, a toy car for Mattias, noodles, pens (if they have good ones), and maybe some other stuff.

Edit at 3: I got two packages of hearty dark rye crackers, a five-pack of cool-looking toy cars for Mattias, a ten-pack of Papermate pens (they seem okay from my testing them when I got home), a mango aloe vera drink, on-sale noodles (three five-packs for $4), two bottles of GINGER BEER, Buckley’s 48-pack of Day / Night capsules (I justified this by figuring I wasn’t spending money on the keychains – I won’t care how much it cost when I need them!), a binder since one of my important ones is falling apart, and Neo-Citran since mine expires in two weeks! Got home and took a shower, and then discovered that MY SHOWER PUFF WON’T HANG FROM THE SHOWER HEAD ANYMORE! Gee, now I’ll have to go to the store again… and I was trying to avoid a trip out in the dark tonight when I got home! *sigh* London Drugs didn’t have Canucks keychains for a Julie or a Corey, but they did have Julia! So close, yet so far…

You Are Tea Tree Shampoo

You are a strong and powerful person. You are admired by many for your courage.

You are totally no nonsense. You shoot straight from the hip and tell it like it is.

You don’t sugarcoat anything, but you are still a positive person. There’s no room for negativity in your life.

You are assertive and proactive. You can’t just think for long… you have to act!


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