Ian and smooth sacred stones (dream) / No lunch! / Breakfast Pastries

I had a weird dream about Ian M. going with a bunch of Harmony’s relatives and our family to a place with a Buddha statue and sacred stones. He loved the smooth stones, but cried a lot when he couldn’t find his mom – they were eventually reunited in a hall with flower decorations and tables with long white tablecloths. No idea why I had that one! My sister called to see if I’d like to go for lunch, then said that they were sticking to their original Steveston plan. No, I am not available to look after Big G if there’s snow outside – Mom should KNOW this! *cough*shortchange*cough*

You Are a Donut

You are outgoing and colorful. You don’t mind that people think you’re a little zany.

You hate rules so much that you refuse to write your own. You fly from the seat of your pants.

You delight in all the whimsical things the world has to offer. Powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles can make your day.

You want to have as much fun as you can. You aren’t materialistic… you’d rather have experiences than stuff.

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