HOT POT, MANOS, NO SINNER, Chinese Eric, Mark, and TRON!


Went to Jeremy’s for hot pot and movie night – yay for MANOS with commentary! I met a little person tonight, which actually made me happy! On the way there, Eric and I mainly discussed his being able to smell the rum on my breath / my displeasure with certain things… he knows how I am, man! Eric, Jon, Harmony, Jen, Jason, Dianne, Nathan, Raymond, Ray [a little person!], Isabel, Wesley, Christon, Jeremy, his brother Mark, and Trish were also at Jeremy’s. The first thing most people noticed was the NEW BIG-SCREEN TV… as Dianne said, “YOU BOUGHT A TV?!?!” (Jeremy’s a non-TV person) He said he wanted something to show movies on at his place, and it was on sale… actually, some guy who goes to our church was working at that place and helped him with things yesterday, hahaha! While people were busy preparing the hot pot, I talked to most people there… Jason was telling Dianne about some cool metal / PVC / “wedding dress” band outfit that he had – if it cost $1500, he’d BETTER wear it outside the house, man! Later, Dianne said that Cindy had gone somewhere else rather than be with us! That was the case with my own sister… I said that she’d tried calling me from Ontario, haha. Dianne asked how she was, so I said that she was probably having a good time over there! We were talking about how the relationship was “Facebook official,” our parents’ probable reaction, and me / Jon / Harmony supporting her when Jen’s friend Jason decided to step in and give his opinion on the matter. I got just a wee bit intense when saying that (to me) Steph isn’t some random “sinner who needs to know the truth even if she’s been going to church after discovering that lifestyle,” and Jen said that she had her limits after I said that I’d “cut a bitch” (which I’ve never said before tonight) if ANYONE gave her a hard time over this. (I apologized to her for this later while she was talking to Trish about something else – she touched my arm and said it was okay, so we’ll see) SHE’S MY SISTER, and I think it’s cool that she’s accepted this part of herself. While I can understand why people would think what Jason does (and I can kinda respect that – even less so these days than when I held that opinion because of my upbringing!), SHE IS NOT A SINNER IN MY EYES! I’m still not sure whether I think people are born gay or whatever, but at the very least, she shouldn’t be SHAMED because of it! Some people… *rolleyes* (when I told Eric this later, he wondered whether I should be talking about it in public – well, Jason had a CHOICE whether he stepped into that conversation, which was clearly between me and Dianne!)

When I told Nathan that it was great to see him again, he said that he had told Chinese Eric that I’d be harassing him about going to Fellowship! I wondered when THAT had been, since I’ve called him three times in the past few days to see how he was / invite him out to tonight’s event! I know his mom recognizes my voice on the phone, too… so it’s not like I can just hang up or whatever! She said he’d been sleeping anytime from 2:30 PM to 9:30 PM – I’ll give him a break since I know he’s been under the weather and all that. Nate said that he’d hung out with the guy yesterday, and he seems to be doing better – and hey, now I have official permission to bug him! Apparently, Eric has rediscovered Christ after a fashion (good!), and while we think he probably wouldn’t be up for CHURCH, maybe Fellowship would be more his speed for a community-type gathering. Probably – I just gotta warn him about things ahead of time! All I have to do is NOT call over there too much, otherwise his mom might wonder why these people are calling him so often, hahaha.

I said hi to Trish and Mark (back from Kelowna – yay!)… the guys finally got some streaming site to work so they could watch the hockey game. They were surprised that JUSTIN TV didn’t seem to work on its own site, but it did on some weird site Jeremy had discovered. The Canucks won 4-1 against Dallas, so that’s pretty good! Dianne said that she’d heard about some old grandma lady who had seen a random guy in a Luongo jersey out and about in town just before a hockey game, and wondered if she’d seen Roberto Luongo! Hahahahaha! I know his second baby is due around now, but that probably wasn’t him! I also had to bug Randal about missing the Leslie Nielsen movie night – dude, those movies we were watching were MEANT to be silly! MY GOODNESS! Jon suggested I take the bus to dinner tomorrow, while Harmony said they’d pick me up on the way to her parents’ house.

Eventually, we started on the hot pot – beef, veggies, mushrooms, tofu puffs, bonito flakes, and much more! Jon thought that he’d overbought, which turned out to be the case – but at least the price was pretty reasonable even with cheese included! (Eric said it was sexist because the females paid $1 less than the males, haha) After a bit of cleanup, we started watching stuff like old grad banquet roasts – BUDGET CHICKEN for Christon, HOLY MO-FO for Jon, interviews with friends for Jon, and much more! Not sure what Patricia thought of it, but Mark seemed very amused! Then we watched MANOS with commentary – we were confused at the initial short segment, but the actual movie with commentary and “intermissions” was pretty good! (as Corey told me last year) Isabel came by later with macaroons – just as we were wondering whether she’d show up! (when Christon wanted to get in, we wouldn’t let him in initially, hahaha)

Later, we watched TRON – I didn’t really get it, although Nathan and Jeremy tried to psychoanalyze the movie / say it was about Net neutrality. I didn’t interact with Raymond at all, save to squeeze past him in the small kitchen OR tap him on the shoulder to get him to move out of my way when I was on my way back from the cheese plate to my seat on the couch. I did talk to Ray for a bit, however… gotta keep my hand in the game of being at least a LITTLE friendly to new people! There were lots of pretty colors in TRON, and the guys were wondering how much the computer technology had a hand in the 1982 movie! (yellow, red, blue, green… oh my!) Patricia noticed me yawning, and wondered whether I stayed up late – I do that much of the time, while she hasn’t done that recently. The TV system reminded us that it was midnight – we didn’t even pause MANOS, but just wished each other a Happy New Year and such over the movie! An hour later, someone finally popped the bubbly, hahaha. (Ray had already gone home by then, figuring the last transit buses wouldn’t run THAT late… Christon and Isabel had gone, too)

We talked about Thai chili peppers, the Polar Bear Swim, eggs, soy sauce, peanut sauce, our holidays, Whistler, oyster sauce, sweet beer which was 16.42% alcohol, the DIARRHEA PHO experience, and lots more! When it was time for us to finally think about going home, some others had already left – I stayed longer than Jen, Raymond, Randal, and Jason! A few minutes after Jon and Harmony had left with a bunch of leftovers, Jon buzzed to be let in again. When Jeremy said “Yes, she’s still here” and hung up, he wondered whether I had forgotten to give him something or the other way around – not that I knew of! Jon came upstairs and took advantage of the open door – he handed me a bag with two coats in it, saying that I was apparently supposed to get it like a month ago! Hahaha… given my non-attendance at church lately due to circumstances beyond my control, I am not surprised! We thanked Jeremy for hosting, and said that it was nice seeing Mark again. (I should add him to FB, but maybe not, haha)

On the way home, Eric and I got stopped by a roadblock – yeah, I was expecting that! We talked about “3D cars” (really just DRIVE and something else) / FROSTY THE SNOWMAN / DARKWING DUCK / still in the Christmas season / our days starting when we got up at noon or 2 PM / WORLD OF WARCRAFT cooking achievements and levelling… I’m amused by the DEATH KNIGHT character classification! When I got home, I saw a FB message from Billie – OH YEAH, HER BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP IN A WEEK! Given that the timeline for her party starts at 1 or 2 PM, I definitely can’t attend the Awana leader lunch that day and THEN bus over to Port Coquitlam – that would take WAY TOO LONG! Left Auntie Rebecca a brief message to that effect – I’ll tell Henry about that during the week, and I’d better not forget! Hopefully, I can sleep over at Billie’s again – oops, I’d better tell Eric too! Guess it’ll be a month of non-church attendance for me, which is probably fine! Since the computer is bugging me for automatic updates every fifteen minutes, I’ll let it do its thing when I’m done blogging – that should be soon, since I need sleep at almost 5 AM!


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