Meowing, REN AND STIMPY, FISTS OF FURY, and the Flash!

When Jon / Harmony / Nathan picked me up, they were busily meowing – I knew I was right to blame Nathan for it, since he admitted to distracting Jon from Christmas carols by MEOWING! Jon said that he and Harmony had been at SERVANTS for about six hours, and that there were a bunch of people with a lot of food there – no doubt! I told them that I’d talked to Chinese Eric last night after I got home, and that he’d been sick. We also discussed his condition and (since Nathan brought it up) his relationship troubles / his mom’s overprotectiveness – Nate and I figured that Eric loves Jon and Harmony, so would want them to know about the messages and such. Yes, it’s terrible! When we got to the townhouse, Jon correctly predicted what Mom and Dad would be doing: “he’s carving the turkey, and she’s doing something in the kitchen!”

We all declined Grandma’s offer of slippers, and basically ignored Mom when she wanted us to put in some typical Christmas movie: REN AND STIMPY it was, as a window into Nate’s formative teen years, haha! (rubber nipples, stinky farts, the Royal Canadian Yaksmen [Mom kept calling the yaks “cows”], dumb Cousin Sven, POWDERED TOASTMAN!) When Mom turned around, her reaction was classic: “What is THIS?!?!” Hahaha! Grandma seemed to be amused by REN AND STIMPY, and actually watched FISTS OF FURY, too – I looked up Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee’s deaths on the computer, also. Mom wanted me to send Steph an email about REN AND STIMPY, so I just wrote on her FB wall instead because it was easier! (I mean, THAT also sends her an email, and she replied right away…) Got instant coffee, a kitten calendar (regift to someone else – wish I could think of who else likes kittens), chocolates, moist rum cake, sherry, beer (of course Grandma declined our offers), coffee with Tia Maria liqueur, Nathan’s Malibu rum since he didn’t want to risk packing it back to the UK (I told him to keep the Bailey’s mug), and some other stuff… at least the night seemed to be free of drama!

Trivia fact for Sunday, Dec. 26: Which comic book hero was the first to acquire superpowers as the result of a lab accident? The Flash, in January 1940. He was a college student who became capable of super speed after inhaling “hard water” fumes during a lab mishap.


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