Car trouble – no church again!

For the second day of Christmas, the White Man’s true love gave him car trouble! He picked me up at 9:25 or so (I actually completed a rather short dungeon / space adventure set while waiting for his phone call), and we were on our way while discussing last night at the townhouse – yes, we exposed Mom to REN AND STIMPY! Then I got all hyper in describing how I could use the elevator today; I’ve been more careful in my use of the stairs ever since I almost fell down the last couple of steps months ago when Dave Wong was right behind me, haha. (hey, this kind of thing is bound to happen if the church turns the lights off at 10 PM, and we leave fifteen minutes later!) Eric thought I was afraid of the stairs now (I wouldn’t say THAT), and also thought that I was going to spoil the kids if things went according to plan. As it happened, they didn’t… but that would have been on the agenda for sure! We also discussed White Rock and his grandma, my being “drunk” (I certainly know he says that to get a reaction out of me!), the 12 Days of Christmas (in French? the parody version featuring beer?), my “festive” red hat (NO, IT IS NOT A SANTA HAT – LIVE WITH IT!), and other things. Around Knight and 33rd, I noticed a weird dripping noise, and wondered if it was his car – then I noticed a peculiar burning smell combined with a knocking noise. Since I don’t know anything about cars, I wasn’t much help… he did have to wait a bit to pull over safely so he could lift up the hood and figure things out!

He said that it wasn’t the air conditioner (that being the thing which sent the Sunfire in for repairs recently?), but maybe the overheated radiator. I asked if they’d driven the Sunfire to White Rock and back, but they’d taken the Volkswagen instead. Eventually, he called his dad (“I’m on 33rd, but it isn’t Knight!” Um… nice directions?), who called a mechanic / the tow truck when HE got there (after Eric and I discussed national parks / the Dranei / RED DWARF / eating nuts / water not causing explosions / Sunday School) and figured he couldn’t fix it since a belt was involved in this trouble somehow too. They called Veronica to tell her about this situation, as well. When BCAA got there, they towed the car away – Ron figured that there wasn’t much point in dropping us off at church in the Volkswagen at 11:20 or so. Definitely not! He wanted to know whether it had ruined the morning: eh, these things DO happen! Now I’m going to take a nap!


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