Wearing KILTS in relationships! / Chinese Eric was SICK!


Eric came over for about five minutes while I got ready, since I thought he was calling me from the house at 6:30 – whoops. After giving me a Christmas present (which turned out to be a Canucks mug with Apples and Cotlets candies), he correctly assumed that Teunis had moved the bookshelf with all the books – if you think I did that myself, you’d be WRONG! We were on our way within a few minutes, and spent the ride discussing the usual subjects: his speaking in French, Homestar Runner things, “blue liquid” (which sprung from his joke that I was drunk – WRONG TIME FOR THAT… GET BACK TO ME NEXT WEEK!), doing sound, our weeks, WOW references, driving in the rain NOT being fun (but imagine if it were snow!), and more. When we got to church, he asked whether he should give Steph’s gift to me, Jon, or Harmony – and whether he should just keep everything for them and Christon in the car. I advised him to give the gift to Harmony, and just take everything with him unless it was too bulky – that’s what he ended up doing! In the sanctuary, Calla was telling Nathan about her wedding – Stanford hadn’t wanted to get an umbrella, but the weather forecast was iffy that weekend in October, and it ended up POURING! Her brother Acer wants to get him a kilt for Christmas, symbolizing their wearing shorts / skirts / no real pants in the relationship! Jon came up in the middle of THIS conversation, and wondered what we were talking about, hahaha!

Nathan also wondered what had happened to Chinese Eric on Wednesday (he’d seemed excited about brunch…), since everyone just ended up staying home. I said that Jon and I figured that maybe his mom wouldn’t let him out of the house because of the sunlight outside, which COULD happen! Harmony was giving us an inquiring look, so Nate said that it was a Chinese Eric “thing” to bail without explanation sometimes, and added that he had a Chinese friend named Eric for Calla’s benefit. “If you want a white Christmas, look over there at the piano where white Eric is, hahaha!” (I talked to Chinese Eric on MSN when I got home, and he said he’d been SICK! He was sleeping and resting – he hates being sick, which is apparently happening to him more often now – yikes! I’ll have to remember to tell Nate that tomorrow – I’m only in for Xmas dinner because he’s coming, and I can get a ride from Jon and Harmony… haha)

I managed to give Christmas cards to Dianne, Wesley, Lincoln, Cordia (before she had to go to the bathroom), and Phil for his mom. Said hi to Kevin, heard about Randal’s new job (not my place to congratulate him), and talked to Isabel and Nathan about her plans to go to Europe for two years later on. Nathan tried telling her in a funny way about Ciel and Singapore, but she didn’t get it! The candlelight service itself was good, especially since certain people didn’t show up! However, the candles on the Advent display were finicky when we had to ignite tealight candles for our symbolic Christ action, haha! Good thing my row was among the first to do that! (although I ended up going in the wrong row – Nate said he’d done that, too)

Later, I said hi to William / Emily Lam (Sam came back last Friday) / Christon (who gave me a card) / Jon (who gave me Karen and Lincoln’s card) / Karen, Lincoln, and Vivian / Dianne (she’s in charge of the turkey dinner) / Hannah and Natalie / Priscilla (she’s a Christmas Eve baby, so I made sure to wish her a Happy Birthday instead of Merry Christmas) / Cordia (she laughed when she saw the “Santa Makes A Tragic Wrong Turn Over Tokyo” card – I knew she’d like it!) / Dawn and Eni / Andrew L. (figure skating!) / Adam L. / Lanie / more people. By the time that was finished, I was definitely ready to go! I gave Eric a LOOK when I asked if he were leaving soon (he was talking to Christon about phone interviews and such – said he was ready if I was – OH YES!), and then Dianne wanted to know if we were going anywhere afterwards. Chris was playing with my Santa hat – good thing I saw him since he leaves tomorrow! His brother Wesley wanted to go out with Jon and other people later, so Eric and I referred them to Dianne – her parents have been away in China since the 2nd, and Cindy went to Fraserlands tonight instead of OUR church! On the way home between Christmas songs / DARKWING DUCK, Eric tried telling me to befriend certain people: NOT HAPPENING WITH ICKY FEELINGS! Yes, my abbreviation for Bible Study is BS – what of it?! He also hopes my mom doesn’t poison me with the turkey tomorrow, haha. Got home and emailed Karmie to wish her and the family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too.

Trivia fact for Saturday, Dec. 25: What did Germans use to make artificial Christmas trees when they were banned from cutting down fir trees in the 19th century? Goose feathers that were dyed green, wound around small sticks to resemble branches, and then inserted into a bigger stick that served as a tree trunk. They were made as tabletop ornaments after forest preservation laws were passed to stop the decapitation of fir trees.


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