Xaviera, Tamara, Shauna, Sonia, miscarriages, and soap bubbles

I had a weird dream which involved two white middle-aged sisters named Xaviera and Tamara, my friend Shauna and her daughter Sonia (whom I’ve never met), a miscarriage, and Billie’s parents yelling at us. The dream also featured multiple Polaroid pictures of Shauna’s mom attempting to complete NaNoWriMo in six days (she was a night person, but it was getting to her!), surreptitiously playing a Facebook / email game on my brother’s laptop, and multiple missed calls refusing to be erased from the Caller ID display of my phone. I don’t even want to know… o_O

Steph called, waking me up. She said she’d go to multiple banks and then pick me up to go to the restaurant. Okay, sounds good… even if I did initially think I’d have to ride with the parents since she was at their place! Ugh.

You Are a Perfectionist

You are a well-rounded person who can see both small details and the whole picture. You are very balanced.

You act quickly, but not impulsively. You think through your actions, even if only briefly.

You are extremely down to earth. You aren’t much of a dreamer – you’re a doer.

You are content and harmonious. You’ve made your peace with the world.

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