I had quite the time while grocery shopping at Superstore! It was pretty crowded, so Barry had to park outside… luckily, it was rainy weather, so that made the snow melt. Got turkey pies, chicken pies, beef pies (all a bit smaller than what I’m used to), frozen veggies, on-sale toilet paper, chocolate milk, candy cane / fudge ice cream, red velvet cheesecake, candy cane chocolate cheesecake (I’ve NEVER had those three items before; the last is for A LIMITED TIME ONLY!), three Kinder Bueno with hazelnut, soy milk to go with it, a huge chocolate milk, Superstore President’s Choice Nutella, sea salt, black pepper, two bottles of cranberry ginger ale (only 75¢ each), cranberry lime juice, Louisiana Hot Sauce chips (only $1!), and ten fibre bars. Also decided to get dark Mars bars (Jon and Harmony), Mr. Big bars (Steph and Lisa), New Jersey Milk bars (Dylan / Deb), Crispy Crunch bars (Chinese Eric), Aero (John / Ada / Ian / Sean), Coffee Crisp (Henry), bottled water, a NEW Santa hat (only $4 – I may wear it tonight to SERVANTS), three Bistro Crustini things (Philly Cheesesteak / Chicken Alfredo / BBQ Chicken), and Hamburger HARMONY beef noodle dinner.

Purchased Minute Rice, 12 cans of mushroom soup to go with that (one is QUITE dented!), apple juice, iced tea, orange juice, three No Name Sidekicks (chicken / three-cheese / Homestyle mac and cheese), and two loaves of bread. Also picked up some whole-wheat penne rigate, strawberry toothpaste, a club pack of ham, four udon packages (50¢ each!), 24 chicken / vegetable-flavored instant noodles, and two hot and sour soup packs to go with those as Steph recommends. When we finally got to the checkout, I realized that I’d LOST MY DEBIT CARD! I knew I’d packed it when I left – we went to Customer Service, where thankfully SOMEONE HAD TURNED IT IN! Got home to find out that Eric had called me – we’re picking up Harmony on the way, so that means I have no time to shower / catch up! *grumbles at things being HOURS earlier than normal* Also asked about the laptop battery – if he doesn’t think I was really out at 1:30, I have a receipt for proof. 😀 [got Kieran on the house phone just now – I’ll assume his brother just left, haha]

White Minute Rice!

Brown Minute Rice!



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