Words, qualities, hidden superpowers, SAW traps, assassins, and fighters!

5 words that describe you best. Leslie got You are….. 4. “unique, sassy, pretty, caring, and curious.”

What’s your true name? Girls ♥
Leslie got Jessi.(;
Name: Jessi
Personality: No one can really label you! You’re unique, cute, and fun. Guys find you mysterious and beautiful, plus your true girlies really get you. Also, you have a fun fashion taste.
Sports: Figure Skating.
Family: 2 sets of twins … one set of girls, and one set of boys. Marry a handsome man. 😀 Live in a two-story.

10 things people love about you! Leslie got Violent, Crazy, Scary, Meanie, Spazzy, Depressed, Mad, Frustrated, Bully / Bullied, Mean. “Don’t hurt me! 😮 Sorry if you didn’t want this! Maybe try again, or ignore me?”

If you were a word, what word would you be? Leslie got Perfect. “You are really nice. Sometimes you can get a little pissy, but that’s normal. You are honest, but not too honest. When you make mistakes, you learn from them, and apologize if you hurt somebody’s feelings. Just make sure you choose your friends wisely.”

More Facebook quizzes, all taken from Steven Wei:

What is your special ninja ability? Leslie got Power of healing. “You can heal your friends with proper meditation.”

What kind of fighter are you? Leslie got Warlord. “You are a Warlord! You will lead your people to victory! You are the strongest of your people. You could be good or bad, but no one is going to deny your power.”

What will you look like at age 17? Leslie got Pretty. “You’re a girly girl. You like pink and pop.” (Even when I was 17, I would never have classified myself as a girly girl who liked pink. As for the pop music, I did listen to LG73 (was Z 95.3 around then?), which WAS mainly Top 40.)

What’s Your Hidden Super Power? Leslie got Light. “Blinded by it. Light is innocence, light is serenity. Light is a strong power nevertheless. Light is a main source, and used in the wrong way, it is a very powerful weapon. Innocence no more.” (Light being used in the wrong way sounds very interesting… :D)

Your 10 Best Qualities. Leslie got Unique, Outrageous, Crazy, Outgoing, Daring, Clever, Talented, Sexy, Tease, Gorgeous. (Riiiiight… and I’m Pamela Anderson… :P)

Zombie Survival Test. Leslie got 65-90% chance of survival. “You still require some work on your body skill and knowledge of zombies. Keep up!”

Assassin Quiz… what kind of killer are you? Poisoner. It takes a long time to develop the knowledge you possess, and you are no doubt one of the most intelligent of killers. You have a dark side, and oftentimes linger to watch your target suffer. You most likely live a normal life, but people around you often mysteriously die. You mask your insecurity with a lethal dose of your favorite brew. You have a warmer personality, and of all the killers, are more adept at lying and blending in… you are also among the more childish of killers.

What Gun Fits You Most? Leslie got MP7. “A semi-automatic SMG.”

Which celebrity finds you attractive? Leslie got Megan Fox. “Megan Fox is really HOT. You are lucky.” (Maybe if I were a guy…)

Which dreadful Saw Trap will you be caught in? Leslie got The Venus Fly Trap. “You’ve sat back and just watched others’ pain. Now, you will have to gouge out the one thing that permits you to do so. Behind your eye is a key that will unlock the device on your head. You have 60 seconds. Live or die: The choice is yours.”

How smart are you? Leslie got 90% – 100% (A) “Intelligent!!!” (I find it ironic that there are spelling questions on this one. I’m intelligent, whereas the quiz maker is not.)

Angel, Demon, Vampire, or Human? Leslie got Demon. “You love to watch destruction, and have had a bad past. You also just adore dark colors and are probably either scene, emo, goth, or punk. But just because you can be evil doesn’t mean it’s impossible to care! I’m not saying you do, but everyone’s different. ;)”

What reaper are you? }:) Leslie got GATEKEEPER REAPER. “Your purpose is not to kill, but to protect the gateway to hell!”


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