Double wins! / You’re supposed to be an INTROVERT! / Light / Grammys

The Canucks won 6-4 over the Detroit Red Wings tonight! I heard that the BC Lions won over the Eskimos tonight, so Eric will be happy for a playoff berth. (six out of eight teams!) He is also game for Jen’s “bad movie night” next weekend, which actually is good if I decide to go (not on Saturday!) since I won’t have to transit home. That would be a bit difficult without a bus pass, yikes!

Eric just called, but I had to finish my thoughts here first before calling him back. “What are you not doing at Fellowship? It’s Friday!” Ha ha ha, very funny… NOT! He called to let me know that tomorrow is Sunday (yes, I know) and that he’s doing sound. Good thing I saved half my rice for the morning, then! I asked him whether he were nuts for wanting to spend even more time with people (he’s supposed to be an introvert!), and he said I didn’t have to go. Well, I said it would be okay if I went now since he’d be my ride home. Then I advised him to dress warmly because the church heater is broken, and he asked what I did to it! After a pause, I called him VERY insane and said I’d see him tomorrow… we both said bye after that! I’ve taken another sleeping pill, so we’ll see how effective THAT is at getting me to sleep before 4 AM! 😛

Facebook quiz taken from Hannah W. and Quan:

Which of the 7 elements are you? Leslie got Light. You are pure. A person of good intentions. A protector. You care greatly for those around you, and will try your best to keep them safe. People tend to want to be around you; you radiate good emotions, and are good at making others happy.

Trivia fact for Sunday, Nov. 7: What is the name of the special metal alloy used in making the music industry’s Grammy awards? Grammium, which is a custom zinc and aluminum alloy developed specifically for the Grammies. After the miniature gramophones are cast in grammium, they are plated in 24-karat gold.


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