Facebook Addiction and Marvel Superheroes

I was going through this space adventure at 4 AM, and noticed that I could pick up duplicate items of things which I already had in my inventory, and kill already-dead enemies! No, I didn’t escape the adventure and return. Weird glitch! Of course, I killed more enemies than what the end result shows! I also note that Sihem Krüger wants to add me on Facebook since he’s seen my name around Failbook. No, I am not an admin (just a fan), and I’m not sure I’ll accept the request!

Facebook quizzes taken from Adam and Spoz:

Leslie got a D+ on the Facebook Addiction Test.
Diagnosis: You are too cool for Facebook. You use it as a last resort, when you need a break from your action-packed, roller-coaster life.
Facebook Age: 2.3 years
Total Facebook Time: 158 hours
Daily Facebook Time: 11 minutes / day (D+)
Leader or Follower?: 272nd out of 363 friends to sign up for Facebook
Friends’ Facebook Time: 22,651 lifetime hours
#1 Facebook Addict: Amy Lai (11,041)
#2 Facebook Addict: Sonya Young (6545)
#3 Facebook Addict: Chris Tse (5921)
==>:Your Facebook Addiction Test Results

Which Marvel Superhero are you? (Realistic) Leslie got Wolverine. “You’re the best at what you do.” You have had a past that keeps coming back to haunt you, but you fight it and win. You are loyal to those who you feel comfortable around, but you tend not to get too attached to them. Even though you might have some trust issues, it takes some time to crack your shell. Once someone gets in close to you, they realize that you are genuine and a worthwhile friend.

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