Facebook and homicide icons / 4-3 / Tyrell / No Toffifee ever! / Red / Einstein

Two new icons, one selection inspired by Mandy and my own morbidity:

(Chicago Homicide mug – “Homicide: Our Day Starts When Yours Ends”)

(Facebook “I like this!”)

The Canucks won 4-3 against the Oilers tonight for their first road win, and Raffi Torres had his first career hat trick… yay! Here’s something else: Tyrell is always a black name. Not to be racist, but we’ve observed that! Now I want a McRib, but I can’t have one!

I tried the hazelnut / creamy nougat / chocolate / caramel Toffifee tonight: fifteen pieces to a box! It’s almost impossible to get out of the silver inside packaging! Not sure I like the flavor combination, but I guess it’s okay for a one-shot deal. The uneaten pieces are going to Harmony and Julie C. in Ziploc bags on Sunday! (Dylan also sent us an email about Wesley and Jose – at least they seem like good additions to the Committee!)

Facebook quizzes taken from Jennifer J., Patrick, Danielle, Mark, Darren L., Jessica G., and Kaitlin:

Which Harry Potter Character are you? Leslie got Harry Potter. You act before you think. This puts others in situations they might not wish to be in, but you always find a way out. You are considered popular, but don’t feel as if you are / should be. You have a few close friends and would do anything to keep them safe, but sometimes your recklessness puts them in danger. You can sometimes come off as whiny and irritating to others despite your best efforts.

What color is your soul? Leslie got Red – The Conqueror’s Soul. Tears don’t move you; they are a pathetic sign of weakness. You are a natural-born leader, and power is your ultimate goal. You are headstrong, and your natural aggression and straightforward demeanor helps you reach your goals. You need to be respected more than loved. You have to be right, look smart, and have others’ approval. Whites will avoid you. Blue souls either annoy you, or become strong allies. Yellow souls will bring you attention. Other red souls may become your rivals.

How old are you inside? Leslie got 20. You’re pretty young, and you are active and married.

Which Fairy Tale Do You Belong In? Leslie got Janghwa Hongryeon jeon. This Korean folk-tale was a frightening ghost story that inspired movies such as A Tale Of Two Sisters and The Uninvited (a not-as-good American remake). The story is about two beautiful sisters whose father remarried an evil woman who abused them mercilessly. She did many cruel things, eventually leading to the girls being drowned in a pond. Their ghosts would appear later and kill every new mayor of the village, until one brave man saw a vision of them as ghosts. He avenged them by killing the stepmother.

Trivia fact for Wednesday, Nov. 3: Who did Time magazine pick as the 20th century’s Person of the Century? Albert Einstein. In its January 3, 2000 edition, the news weekly described Einstein as “the genius among geniuses who discovered, merely by thinking about it, that the universe was not as it seemed.”\


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