Flying around like Nina / On-sale candy / Sid Vicious / Achievement / Panic

All I remember of my dream is flying around like Nina the bird in BREATH OF FIRE II, as well as going around the world map on the Grandpa Whale like you can do in the same game. My friends and I could warp to various towns, too. It’s been MONTHS since I viewed those walkthroughs, man! Went to London Drugs and bought two on-sale packs of Rockets (for Steph), an on-sale box of 54 Kit Kats / Coffee Crisp / Aero / Smarties ($7 off?!), caramel / butterscotch Werther’s Originals, a box of hazelnut / caramel / creamy nougat / chocolate Toffifee (which I’ve somehow never had before – someone in ONTD [crystalzelda] says I should have them!), a Mead Five-Star zippered pencil case (not what I was expecting, so substituted my Buffalo pencil case for a wallet instead while dumping the contents into the new one), two boxes of Whoppers (original AND Reese’s Pieces!), and two boxes of strawberry / grape Nerds. Now I’ve somehow managed to lose my bus pass between the bus stop (front door?) and here… NOT WHAT I WANTED!

Facebook quiz taken from Steve L. and Kempy:

Which rock musician do you most resemble? Leslie got Sid Vicious. You are energetic and determined. You are prone to violent mood swings at times. Quick to lash out when threatened, you are just as quick to stand up for your friends. Your dream is an end to corruption and big business. Your ideal soulmate is someone you can fight alongside.

You Are an Achiever

You push yourself, but not too much. You believe that slow and steady wins the race.

You have realistic goals and a good plan for how to achieve them. You work hard.

You keep your eye on the prize, but you also know when to give yourself a break.

You know that all work and no play is no way to live, and you definitely know how to have fun when the time is right.

Trivia fact for Monday, Nov. 1: What famous American helped prevent a panic when the Wall Street stock market crashed for the very first time? Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, in 1792. As the nation’s very first treasury secretary, Hamilton restored calm by having the Treasury buy federal securities to support the market, and urging banks not to call in their loans.

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