Gentle dentist appointments, no payment, visiting Grandma, pasta, new Bathroom Readers

First time using my sister’s “new” laptop, so I need to get used to it! I went to see Sean, who actually impressed me with his gentle dentistry skills! He let me know whenever he was doing something, for one. It’s been a long time since I’ve been called “Les” at least ten times in 45 minutes, haha! (and of course he can do that – it’s SEAN!) We talked about Jon, Harmony, my parents being on an Italy cruise with Vivian’s parents, Alex (met someone in Texas and got married?!), Sarah and Vernon, Hannah and her new husband Eugene, his missing Jon, Steph coming by his house in her car for Vanessa to see, the Croatian Cultural Centre, Calla and Stanford (Sean met him at Fraserlands before they started dating), Jason and Karen, plus more stuff. The receptionist Winnie gave me some good news: no more payment is required from me! She also gave me a message to pass on to my sister, who apparently hasn’t been to the dentist since she went to Regina in July 2008! When I did, she said that she keeps on forgetting to book an appointment! I got a free calendar while waiting for X-rays to develop, too… I heard Sean talking about firecrackers or fireworks on the phone in the back room, haha.

Decided to go posthaste to visit Grandma: found the hospice without too much trouble, and actually interrupted her when she was sleeping! She thought that I was crazy for not sitting in a chair to read, wanted me to have some of her mixed fruit in a can (no), wanted to know when the parents would be getting back (and then disbelieved my answer), thought I shouldn’t have eaten before I came to visit (er, I kinda needed to eat lunch before the dentist appointment…), thought Jon would be taking her out for dinner (no), and complained about the interruptions going on when she was sleeping. At least she called me good for visiting her! I hung around for about an hour or so (reading), and then called Steph to see where she and Lisa were – just heading back from Body Works, as it happened. When they got to the respite centre, Steph talked to Grandma briefly. Grandma called me the younger sister to someone there – no, I’m the older sister, and I just had to correct that! Told Steph, who just facepalmed!

Since I didn’t care what we had for dinner, a homemade meal at the house it was! Steph, Jon, and Harmony sat on Mom while they were at Alan Liu’s house, hahaha! Went grocery shopping at Killarney Market first – they bought garlic, dill pickle rice crisps, Dijon mustard, and other things while we discussed hockey / getting gas / Tina Turner / passports / Celine Dion / bacon / Terrence / Jay-Z and Beyonce / Hollywood Theatre / mushrooms / kiwis / ADULT SMALL uniforms (JORDAN!) / the smoke alarm / salad / pasta sauce / my microwave and oatmeal / cayenne hot sauce / being a lush / Mariah Carey / bombing / Melissa and Denver or Anaheim / Ironwood Marble Slab Creamery later / Lisa’s birthday being the same as Kate’s / GLEE / more crazy subjects. Steph and I concluded that Jon was rude to his sisters since he didn’t include us on the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT email exchange, and I didn’t know where it was being held. Good thing it’s at Steph’s, though Lisa can’t make it till later. Now pasta / chicken / mushrooms are cooking, and we’re watching the Avalanche-Canucks hockey game with the PVR. Gotta love rewinding live TV while it’s still recording the live stuff! I’ve heard that the new Bathroom Reader (Uncle John’s Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader) is out now, so I’m totally going to buy it (plus something else to make my collection even) tomorrow since I need to do some banking anyway!


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