Rough sendups, Vanessa / pastries / Caribbean stuff / dress shoes / BEER

High-scoring words of the night:

ROUGHLY (128 points) – against Ardy C. [2W, 4W]
SENDUP (200 points) – against Bluesy S. [4W, 5W]

Vanessa called at 8:35 to say that she needs to get these fantastic pastries from a European bakery, go to the New West Caribbean store, and do various other things (like lunch and bubble tea) tomorrow before she has to go in to her old job at 2-ish tomorrow. She got a bunch of household things today like a frying pan and other kitchen items for the Victoria place with her boyfriend… she’s also rationing her supper, and forgot dress shoes! Let’s just say she wasn’t expecting to start her new job so soon (Wednesday) at UBC, and doesn’t know what to do about going home at 11 PM! The news is saying that you probably shouldn’t walk around UBC by yourself – a good precaution! Harmony gets off work at 5:30, so there’s still a BIT of light, but not for long! She said that the Translink schedule / site SUCKS, and thinks I’m better at it than she is. “Do you go out late at night?” “Only if I’m with people who can drop me off at a Canada Line station, or if I know how I’m going to get home REALLY well!” Once I told her that according to the website, she’d have to wait from 20 to 45 minutes for a bus from the Brighouse station, she wasn’t much enthused! Maybe her parents can pick her up since the drive isn’t too far from the house! Tomorrow should be good times – if I don’t feel like falling asleep, I may visit Grandma! Jon’s newest FB picture features the four of us sitting on each other, haha.

Trivia fact for Tuesday, Oct. 19: When it comes to per capita alcohol consumption, what country’s residents outdrink all others? Luxembourg’s, according to the World Health Organization. It found that residents of the tiny European country each consume roughly 284 bottles of beer and 88 bottles of wine annually. The U.S. was 40th on the WHO list.


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