No dinner after all / Dream of original plays and Anne atop a bookshelf

Pastor John called me at 3 to say that he regretfully couldn’t give me a ride to the dinner since he had to run an errand in Burnaby, and then would go directly to the church from there. He spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out ride options, like Uncle Joel / Ivan / my parents. I told him that Uncle Joel and Ivan’s families were probably staying out in Vancouver all day, and that my parents weren’t going. (I had no idea if they were, but it’s all about sanity!) Then he said he was sorry (since he figured busing would be too hard – with Sunday bus schedules, most likely YES!), but at least he did let me know! After about an hour of trying to figure out whether I was COMPOS MENTIS enough to make it to this dinner (and looking for various people’s numbers like Christon), I finally just let my need for sleep win out – naptime for me!

Went to sleep and had a dream which involved vast quantities of food, Richie / Eric / Jeremy / Kevin / others being in my group when it came to produce an original play with a bunch of shows within a week, yellow paint chipping off a building, outwitting Randal when it came to his spying on our play schedules, seeing little Anne on top of a bookshelf with a large blue book authored by someone named Graham, her sister Olivia and mother Sophia trying to convince her to come down with spoonfuls of rice pudding, stores involving puke, and Tracey just sitting down in the middle of the floor with toys. Triggers: seeing Tracey last week at Jason and Karen’s wedding, Wesley thinking Calla and Stanford’s lemony wedding cake reminded him of puke, hanging around with Eric / Jeremy / Kevin, seeing Richie this morning, having to see Randal, the colored bags in Toddler Sunday School, the paint chipping off the yellow poles on the Canada Line, and lots of food. I woke up at 8, which didn’t really surprise me!

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