Boa’s aloe with faeries and "COOEE!" / Corey, good new classes, and rules

Interesting rack of the evening: BOASALOE, against Alice P. [read this as “boa’s aloe”]

High-scoring words of the evening:

KABAYAS (432 points) – against Melissa W. [two 4W]
FAERIE (112 points) – against Cari G. [two 2W, 4L on F]
COOEE (100 points) – against Juliane B. [5W, 4L on C]
COTED (206 points) – against Marcy A. [two 5W, hook off BOO to make BOOT]

Corey came online and told me not to sleep – uh, I don’t think that’s possible! Told him about Sunday, while he said that he’s in his new apartment now. He complained that his throat was dry since he’d had nothing to drink; he didn’t have time to make tea this morning, so thought he could use the water cooler at school, but that wasn’t the case since they were working on it!

[22:10:39] Corey: this new school is way better than the others. the schedule sucks ass, with class spread out all through the day with lots of wasted time in the middle (like right now, I still have 4 more classes and several more wasted hours until 9:40 PM when I’m finally done), but the classes are extremely easy to prepare for… sometimes, I don’t even prepare at all whatsoever
[22:10:43] Corey: and the students are all really friendly and talk a lot
[22:11:26] Flami: well, do you explain things better than the Chinese teachers they’re no doubt used to?
[22:11:24] Corey: not all, but most classes have some really talkative people, which makes it nice. I have one problem class, but treating them like kids seems to be working… they’re all younger (mostly) and barely talk, and they have a LONGER class….
[22:12:14] Corey: well, yes and no. I can tell them how people really talk, and they can learn proper pronunciation… but Taiwanese teachers, and probably all the students know a hell of a lot more about English rules than I do. I know what you can and can’t say, but I’m bad at explaining why
[22:12:38] Corey: here, they just learn endless rules about English, so they’re all afraid to make mistakes, and have to think about tons of rules whenever they want to talk
[22:12:54] Corey: you’ll never get fluent that way, because you won’t speak naturally when you’re worrying about tons of rules
[22:13:02] Flami: yeah, I’m kinda bad at explaining why, too… maybe because we grew up with it
[22:13:31] Corey: well, that’s exactly why. some people here think foreign teachers are bad because we know less English (oh REALLY?), and Chinese is easy because it doesn’t have grammar rules..
[22:13:45] Corey: uh, it does… you just don’t have to think about them because it was your FIRST LANGUAGE, dummy
[22:14:41] Corey: I don’t have to think about English because it was my first language, I just know it
[22:15:59] Flami: HA… exactly
[22:17:28] Corey: well, I need to get going… more class. I won’t be back until after 5 PM here… it’s 1:15 PM now. so you probably won’t be awake 😛 so, talk to you later
[22:18:32] Flami: haha, we’ll see… talk to you later


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