Kirin, Melissa, Emily, Tracey, Pastor Glen, Lillian, Kelvin, and the wedding banquet

I was expecting a phone call around 4:30, and got one – soon we were on our way to Kirin via the Starlight Casino, which we were surprised to learn was open 24 hours! Talked desultorily on the way there about Walmart and trying to take naps, but failing. Lily apologized to me about having to be at the restaurant two hours early, but I said it was fine. I got to sit around and observe people decorating the place – said hi to Tracey and talked to her about her daughters (Melissa and Emily are 14 and 12 now?!), got a picture with Karen (but not with Jason?), waved to Joe W. (he spotted me first while running after a kid whom I assume was his son Michael!), and said hi to Helen / Warren / Frances / Mel / Kenny / Winnie / Chung Yan / Karen I. / Tim / Maxine / others. Melissa says she remembers me, so that’s good. Didn’t talk to Joe’s exacting wife Nancy, which is probably fine! I got lots of thinking time in, haha. (Eric would say that was a bad thing!) Saw Brad and Natalie, but didn’t get a chance to say hi – too bad!

When I migrated to the table I was supposed to sit at, I got the entire thing to myself till 6:30 or so! (Ed even commented on that when he passed by with Joan!) There was a photo booth, which was a cool idea. I definitely took advantage of the decaf Starbucks coffee! Helped Anita watch her stuff while she talked with Daniel, Michelle, and her husband Jeff – I bet it was tiring watching her two kids this morning if Allison wanted to see stuff, and Joanna was in her carrier! Greeted Kelvin (in Seattle with a third kid named Joseph), and talked about the mixed-up news our parents delivered to us about their friends’ offspring. I still remember the time when a bunch of us were at the townhouse, and my mom thought his brother Kenneth’s wife Daisy was pregnant with a second kid! Nathan had to check Facebook to confirm that, haha. (this was after they had Matthew, but way before they had Rachel) Kelvin and Evelyn don’t use Facebook much, so that wouldn’t be a good way to keep up with them. He thanked me for coming over and saying hi – of course I want to do that for my old friends whom I never see anymore due to life circumstances!

Talked to Brenda, Josh, his wife Joanna, Connie, Jenny, Ivan, and Karen Choo about Vegas (gambling and shopping!) / purse hooks / the 25-minute slideshow / Paris Hilton and drinking / Blackberries / the pharmacy pill-counting game, MacBooks / Felicia / belated birthday wishes (I’m sure Karen’s just being polite when she says Ebisu should be our hangout place) / cameras, baby Nina (so cute!), cakes as a creative avenue, Jason regretting not inviting Mark, and more. There was a lot of food, especially because Rich couldn’t make it due to an emergency involving cancer and depression with a university kid he helps! The speeches touched on the 11-year dating period that Jason and Karen had, plus the breakup in between. Wow, I really HAVE known them for a long time; since 1996 or so!

Went over to say hi to Pastor Glen and Lillian, who complimented me on my red bling sweater – yes, it IS sparkly! (Jenny asked if I were hot, but except for a very brief period, no… still recovering from this cold!) Discussed paladins, security, justice, New Westminster, Hope Community Church, Burnaby, updates on life, Awana, Anne / Joel / Michaela, and more. It was good to talk to them! Also talked to Sarah and Vernon about relational challenges / UGM and servants / the cupcakes / Champlain Heights / pianos nearby / computers / Committee work / volunteering / Awana / neighbors / parents / Mongolia / Hannah, Lucas, and Dorcas / my caring qualities / Harmony. Got to congratulate Jason and Karen later – France seems like a good honeymoon destination! On the way home, we discussed bedtime / Nancy and Joe surprisingly not freaking out about stuff / drinking / my not having to cook for a few days. THAT is a blessing, haha!

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