DNS Errors on Facebook / Chopstick and disease dream / Roller skates

Oh sure… I get up, and Facebook has DNS errors all over the place! UGH! I did have a vague dream of Grandma putting chopsticks away in a new drawer, while all the newly-washed dishes were sorted in the drainer! Also, my dad had told me to read the newspaper – besides the comics and horoscopes, I found an article which said that all women developed a rare disease or hypertension at age 30, so I thought I was going to be dead! No idea why I had that one!

Edit an hour later: Auntie Rebecca emailed the Awana leaders an invitation to that appreciation dinner, so I gotta find out if Eric’s going like last year! Facebook is also up again – phew!

You Are Roller Skates

You are easygoing and a lot of fun. You are playful and a bit of a tease.

You value stability and security. You want to be able to relax and focus on other things.

You aren’t easily impressed by new gadgets. You prefer what’s tried and true.

You have an eye to the past. You love anything that’s retro, vintage, or classic.


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