The start of birthday wishes with timezones, farming, and iPods

The birthday wishes have already started: Marie left me a status comment saying Happy Birthday, and Mike B. said that he’d forgotten we were so close in terms of birthdays… yup, only two days apart! Of course, that may only be a day and a half apart due to the timezone difference (he’s in New Zealand), but still. Chantelle (shanterusan) also left me a wall post, which makes sense since she’s in Queensland with the time difference!

Before Teunis left to go spend some time with Alysha’s soon-to-be mother-in-law (whom I always want to call her mom for some reason!), we discussed the HST and its BAD effect on Fort St. John: he lost his computer job, a local politician retired because more people voted against the HST than voted FOR him (or at all?), and all the businesses jumped ship and moved to Alberta! A sizable percentage of BC supplies are or were produced there, apparently! Also talked about farming, agriculture, Safeway / Superstore / Save-On Foods / T&T and local farming, North America starving because of “quantity over quality” (Wal-Mart), inheriting allergies and sensitivities from our parents / ancestors (lactose intolerance / soy and oats sensitivity / World War II), Disturbed making a good alarm, email cancellation of tomorrow’s appointment, the money snafu at the storage locker place (processing charges two months ahead of the expected time for such things is NOT GOOD), CBC ideas, surviving last night, and other things. He apologized for the rambling, but I don’t mind – it’s INTERESTING stuff, like Jeremy and unlike certain others! Found out that Jono unfriended me on Facebook, but it’s okay as we didn’t interact much even in Scrabulous or Wordscraper!

You Are iPod nano

You are a modern person, and you find new technologies to be fascinating.

You are artistic and colorful. You love finding new ways to express yourself.

You love music, but you are a visual person as well. You can find an album cover as inspiring as a song.

You are very influential. Your friends tend to like bands you listen to, and you always like to show them your latest discovery.

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