Manholes, meat jobbers, and monkey nuts!

I’ll bring you the “M” words from this book that Jon and Harmony got me for my birthday. This is from Butt Rot and Bottom Gas: A Glossary of Tragically Misunderstood Words (Eric Groves, Sr.)


macerate: in physiology, to digest food in the stomach, saturating it with powerful acids

magna cum laude: ranked at the top of a graduating class

Maidenhead locator system: a system used by radio operators to locate sites on Earth

man coverage: a football defense in which every player guards, or covers, a specific player on the opposing team

manhandle: to transport or shift heavy objects by human muscle-power alone

manhole: a round opening above a cylindrical tunnel through which sewer maintenance workers enter and descend by means of a ladder to make repairs

masticate: to chew, as with food (I remember when my mother confused this word with MASTURBATION, hahaha!)

mastiff: a breed of large dogs noted for courage and strength

meat jobber: a restaurant distributor who sells meat supplies

meatman: a seller of various cuts of meat; a butcher

meat pie: meat, vegetables, and gravy contained in a baked pie crust

melon baller: a handheld kitchen tool, usually made of stainless steel, used to scoop out the fruit of melons into little spheres or hemispheres for salads and desserts

menagerie: an assortment of exotic animals held in captivity and displayed

meningcoccus: the bacterium that causes the disease meningitis, a brain infection

mensuration: [From the Latin mensurare, meaning “to measure”] the act of measuring the length, width, angles, area, and volume of geometric shapes; also refers generally to the act of measuring anything

mesopause: in meteorology, a transistional area in Earth’s upper atmosphere [the mesopause is located about 25 miles above the Earth’s surface, between the mesosphere (zone of heavy wind activity) and the thermosphere (zone of solar heat absorption)]

messmate: a regular dining companion, in any branch of the military service

micrococcus: ovoid bacteria that group together to consume organic tissue

milk leg: an agonizing enlargement of the leg muscles generally caused by an infection contracted while giving birth

monkey nuts: British slang term for raw peanuts in their shells

monocoque: the metal covering of a rocket or aircraft that bears the stresses which the craft is subject to as it navigates the Earth’s atmosphere or outer space

moorcock: a male of the red grouse or moorfowl group of birds; also called PTARMIGAN

morass: a swampy wetland; also, a confusing situation that is difficult to extricate oneself from

mother lode: a principal vein from which gold ore is mined

mother tongue: one’s first spoken language learned in childhood

mouse ball: a hard rubber ball that rolls inside a computer’s mouse (pointing device)

mouth organ: a harmonica, or small rectangular wind instrument played with the mouth

muff: a warm tube-shaped covering for the hands that is usually made of fur

multivibrator: a particular type of electrical circuit that contains a pair of transistors, or devices that control the flow of electricity

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