Taiwan has bad business relationships? I believe him!

[01:09:25] Corey: I have to go give a test to possibly nobody for three hours here pretty soon
[01:10:18] Corey: there are only two students that are always in that class (two 90-minute classes, they stay for both) … and at least one of them won’t be coming today…. so I might just sit there and read for three hours, I guess
[01:10:50] Corey: I also have to take the bus to get there, which means I have to try out my new card that I can use instead of coins, which should be nice, assuming it works
[01:13:11] Flami: nobody? well, I guess that explains it
[01:28:05] Corey: so, I don’t know what will happen… if they try to not pay me if nobody is there, that will suck
[01:31:57] Flami: that’s stupid – you’re entitled to the money
[01:40:17] Corey: well, this place doesn’t suck, but other schools absolutely would do that. so it’s possible
[01:42:57] Flami: yikes!
[01:50:19] Corey: Taiwan doesn’t give a shit about people. Jane insists that Chinese business relationships are more personal than in the West… but in the West, companies generally don’t regularly break the law to screw everyone over constantly
[01:50:36] Corey: she says they care about people a lot more here…. I don’t see much evidence of that
[01:53:29] Flami: going strictly by what you’ve told me, it doesn’t seem like they do… does she give examples of how “caring” these people and businesses are?
[01:53:14] Corey: uh, more like the boss has people they like, and then if the boss leaves for another company, they’ll get all those people they like better jobs at the other company when they go
[01:53:51] Corey: but there’s a whole process to getting bosses to like you. essentially, they treat you like total shit for a long time, then supposedly one day they decide you’re worthy or some shit, and now you’re like family
[01:57:26] Flami: oh man, I hate that
[01:58:23] Corey: this school is just nice to me all the time (so far… I’m having to break my contract with them to change jobs, so we’ll see what happens), so it’s better than most so far
[02:01:14] Flami: I guess that’s okay for now…
[02:04:50] Corey: I don’t want to stop working there, but my ARC school is getting rid of me because they’re being shitheads and lying about things, when they probably really just don’t have enough business right now for the number of teachers they have, so I have to change to a new place. I found one that will give me the new ARC, plus lots of hours for classes which I don’t have to even prepare for (woo hoo!)
[02:05:13] Corey: but they don’t want me teaching at other schools, since their students will figure out that this school’s not that great, and follow me to better places
[02:07:19] Flami: that’s insane
[02:11:49] Corey: well, I’ll make a whole lot more money at this place, and combined with private students, I’ll be making a lot more money than that first school that immediately blew me off was going to give me, at like half the hours… AND I don’t have to wake up very early, ever. I may end up with a couple of 10 AM classes, but that’s not toooo bad


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