Fried chicken and out-of-town friends / Helping you at Taiwanese McDonalds!

My out-of-town friend called me to change the time of our fried chicken get-together: sure, why not? We met at the mall, and proceeded to have a LOT of fried chicken while talking about life, school, changes, and more. That was a good time! Got home and had a nap, and a dream about my family on a ship with showers… and everything being dark right before I got up for real. What the?!

[00:41:03] Corey: I just cancelled my demo at that school, so I’m off the hook for the rest of the day, until evening… Jane’s coworker wants to take me out to dinner so I can teach her some English stuff, and she wants to have private lessons with me too, so I guess I’d better be impressive πŸ˜›
[00:41:12] Flami: haha, nice.
[01:52:19] Corey: wow, they want to take me out to… McDonalds!
[01:52:36] Corey: the plan was to take me to somewhere nice for dinner while I help them…………. well, that’s actually a good place for something like this (at least in Taiwan it is), but I don’t know about nice πŸ˜›
[01:53:08] Corey: it’s clean here, and if you go up to the second or third floors (McDonalds is small, but tall :P) it’s nice and quiet, usually
[21:17:08] Flami: wow, McDonalds! πŸ˜›


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