Black Orchid + Velvet Hibiscus = Yummy ♥

Barry picked me up early, but I was ready. When I saw 24-packs of bottled water on sale, I had to get that… same with the on-sale toilet paper and on-sale tapioca pudding (2)! Bought BODY ZONE classic shampoo and conditioner, a BIG soya milk, chocolate milk, Softsoap Black Orchid and Velvet Hibiscus body wash (NEW!), on-sale bananas (30 cents OFF per pound?!), a BIG green tea, on-sale Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Hat Trick ice cream (NEW!), four chicken pot pies, fifty paper bags, ten felts (of which eight are usable – I won’t have pink or yellow!), and whitening toothpaste.

At the checkout (I got the creepy guy who wrote “♥ U” on my receipt!), I discovered that I didn’t have my “handy” Save-On-More card reader for my keychain… the stupid thing must have dropped off. Luckily, the lady in front of me said I could use hers – YAY FOR SAVINGS! Now that I’m home, I can’t find it either! UGH! At least I managed to make another appointment with Barry next week since he had his book with him – saves me the wasted time in trying to call him to set it up, haha.


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