Hey, I finally met the sword guy Jordan! / SOUTH PARK and Toyota

Nathan and Jon picked me up shortly after 6:30, and I wasn’t worried about their being late. We were discussing Jenica, divorce in the church, Disneyland, Sean, Vanessa, seeing people on the Canada Line, and such when Eric called to see where I was. (I found out that Teunis thought my meeting Jordan wouldn’t happen; hahaha, it was just Nathan-time!) Jon said that we were on a quest for spotted dick (which proved fruitless because the British store was closed) and a food processor (which we got – along with sardines – from my parents’ place), so we’d be there soon. As advertised, we were there within ten minutes – since the guys had to bring in boxes, I said I’d get the door open and make sure it stayed that way. Greeted Veronica when she answered the door – yup, it stayed open! Went right to the backyard, where I saw Christon / Isabel / Vivian / Jen / Wesley / Raymond / Randal sitting around talking to Teunis, Robin, and some guy I didn’t know. Teunis hailed me, and told me to meet Jordan – Robin said that this was the guy whom Teunis had wanted me to meet for the past two years or whatever. Yup, I knew that much! Christon asked where Jon was, so I said that he was bringing in a food processor – that made everyone laugh, even Raymond. HA!

Talked about Mexico, food (I didn’t have the Panago pizza), having kids someday (HA), dealing with biters (“I’m HIV-positive!”) / kickers, chicken, slow cookers, bocce ball, bugs, legal stuff, money woes, PORTAL, cake, chips, trivia / poop facts, collections, long-distance relationships, history, autism, naming, Montreal, feeling bad about the hydro bill (1000W computer!), analysis of the electricity cost, burgers, Gaelic / Scottish / English / Cockney stuff, cops, Lesley coming later (coffee cake with cheese?), birthday cake for Isabel and Eric, watermelon soup, names, autism, accents, honorary people, pie, nasty breakups, smoke allergies, immune systems, and more. Jordan introduced himself by saying that he was a jerk, so I had to match it and say that I was a bitch… HAHAHA! I did demonstrate a bit of NG snarkiness, made even more pronounced when my sister and Lisa stopped by later. Of course she told Jon that he COULD pay the ultimate price, with jokes about consistency thrown in for flavor! (ew) Discussed discretion, Rhiannon, plans, kicking, swords, maces, trucks, family doggy-piles, “exploits on LiveJournal,” wrestling, affection, hugs, fighting, clearing a place out by simply arriving, the Grouse Grind (do NOT wear Viking opera stuff!), height, shocking the Hos, Facebook applications, Kieran, politely declining invitations, the cat, Karen Chan and Calla’s bridal showers on my birthday weekend, Ray’s plans (where is this lunch?!), and more.

Told Teunis to keep me posted on things – I don’t mind doing what I want to, after all. (if he needs a place, I’ll be happy to step in and fill the breach) He said he would, which is fine. When everyone left (I hope Raymond didn’t think I was waving at HIM when I was saying bye to his GROUP – AWKWARD!), I watched the guys play Nintendo Wii until 11:30 – the MARIO game was certainly challenging! (lots of bullets, ghosts, piranha flowers, ice hammer dudes, turtles, and ways to DIE…) Then they played a swordplay game – it was amusing, and I declined the chance to play. I’d be REALLY sucky, and I wouldn’t like that even if it was just Nathan, Eric, and Jon around! The guys had orange juice while Jon told Eric to give me some red wine – thanks, Flime. Nate almost forgot to take me home, to which Jon joked that I wasn’t important… um, yeah, what would I have done in that case?! Got home to find that Eric had sent me an MSN message: “your brother is trying to call you.” Yeah, I thought the phone was ON, but it actually was NOT! I still haven’t caught up on all my sleep from VBS, as I was yawning at about 9 when Robin was telling me otherwise entertaining stories about boots and Tom Waits and such! (plus opposite schedules) Guess I’ll sleep now!

Trivia fact for Monday, Aug. 30: On the politically incorrect TV cartoon series South Park, what was the name of the hybrid car purchased by Kyle’s father, Gerald? Pious – a takeoff on the Toyota hybrid, the Prius. In the South Park episode, the Pious spewed a toxic gas called “smug.”

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