Brownie Boy / Mushroom and red pepper pizza / No evil here!

When Eric picked me up this morning, I had to call him BROWNIE BOY; he doesn’t have to ask why, since he knows it’s because of that email he sent yesterday! After bugging me a LOT about DARKWING DUCK (I don’t think he’s not showing up because I’m not calling him!), He said that Raymond was bringing pizza tonight, and joked that it had mushrooms and red peppers… in reality, it’s a chicken pizza. I told him to remind me not to have any of that, and it’s not because I’m afraid of CATCHING something from Raymond! What if he sees me taking a slice, and then thinks I’m still obsessed with him?! Eric asked if Raymond would think the same thing if HE took a slice… although I can’t claim to know what Raymond thinks at any given time, I said that he probably wouldn’t think anything of it because Raymond still loves Eric! (in a platonic way) Then Eric thought that there was something seriously wrong with my brain… I beg to differ! I just wouldn’t feel comfortable taking it from a perfidious blackguard!

At church, I managed to find a seat with Christon / Steph / Cindy / Yvonne / Grace / Phil / Nathan. Steph talked to me about booty and boobs, so I said that she was jealous of mine! Then I asked if she’d showered yet after that epic 85-kilometre hike which lasted nine days or something, or if she’d had any mosquito bites in awkward places – yes to the shower, no on the mosquito bites (all in normal places), and even no on the sunscreen when I noticed her tan later! I asked if she were going to the BBQ, and she said she might drop by with her friend Lisa since they had plans later. She asked if Teunis were still living with me – nope, he moved to Robin’s in Vancouver a few weeks ago since he didn’t want to overstay his welcome here! (yes, I told her that he’d be there tonight) I showed her the GOOD CLEAN AIR candle that I’d bought while hanging around with Vanessa last week – she liked it, and Jon (sitting one row up) was surprised! Then I passed it to Harmony in the next row back, saying that she needed it for their bathroom! I let Steph share my huge Bible, of course – yay for Angus! Once I noted that there was no adult Sunday School because Pastor John is away, I knew what I had to do.

Said hi to little Mattias after service, but was rebuffed; so was Michelle Cheung, and I told her that you were only interesting to him if you had food or large blocks! We couldn’t really migrate into the fellowship hall as usual since there were people setting up for some lunch later; we assumed it was for the seniors. Asked Nathan for a ride to Eric’s, which he can do – when I asked for his number, he said he envied my memory because he’d like to have it when talking to a beautiful girl! Hahaha… little does he know it’s going downhill! Greeted Auntie Brenda, Brian, Hannah N., Yvonne (she helped her future in-laws move downtown), Chrystal (VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL), Jon (he wasn’t driving to Eric’s, or doing a very efficient job of getting a ride since he was talking to new people!), Dianne, Wesley, Jen, Harmony (who’s excited for Italy), Fidela (HIGH-FIVE FOR NO SUNSCREEN!), and others.

Eventually, I asked Eric to watch my stuff (for weight reasons, not CREEP reasons anymore) and went upstairs to make my excuses. To my relief, Auntie Ying was not in the room, so I told Jessie that I had to leave right then – nope, no materials since they were in the car! (retaining control) Rachel’s grandma greeted me, but I had to leave quickly before Auntie Ying came back from the bathroom and saw me! I didn’t really want to take MORE time to talk to her, since she goes on and on and on! (not that we were in a RUSH or anything) Thank goodness I don’t have to call her for the next month, haha! Went right back downstairs, and told Nathan about Cordia’s “Don’t piss me off – I’m running out of places to hide the bodies” T-shirt. He loved that, and said he had a shirt like that, but couldn’t remember what it says! (“oh yeah, it’s just SO memorable!”) Isabel told us about the visually awesome free Lady Gaga concert, and the Monster Ball – we didn’t really like the music, but my Puerto Rico shirt reminded Nathan of ALEJANDRO, which he only knows a very little of because Daniel and Michelle’s friends were playing it on the car ride down to Vegas for a wedding. (he didn’t go to the wedding, but took the opportunity to play in Disneyland and such) I said that one of my Facebook friends had changed her name to “Ale Ale Jandro,” hahaha.

Eric said that I seemed to stay out of a certain area by the stairs when a certain person was there… um, he DOES know that I went upstairs, right? He was talking about when I went back downstairs – hahaha, FUNNY! Vivian gave Nathan a newspaper she’d found in Quebec with an OLD SPICE ad on the back – HAHAHAHA! Nate figured that he can’t hang it in his dorm room when he gets back to the UK, otherwise INTERESTING questions will be asked! He later was trying to say just what attracted him to it… the soap or masculinity? (yes, there IS one of him on a bike!) Jon asked Nate for a ride, since Christon couldn’t – when Nate said that he was picking me up, Jon joked that he didn’t care about his sister! Whatever! He’s making either pork burgers or chilled watermelon soup, Thai-style. Eric does have 24 burgers, though… the more, the merrier! Jon and Harmony still have a lot of beans, apparently – yeah, I wouldn’t want to be around in the morning, either! I’m sure she farts less than he would!

Christon, Wesley, Cindy, Dianne, Jen, Randal, Nathan, Jon, and Harmony all went to Pho Tan – Nate asked if Jon could spot his meal, which was apparently contingent on Downtown Eastside and Night Market eats, haha. Eric and I just went home, which was fine by me – another short Sunday is good (especially since I have two long ones coming up) since it gives me more downtime to blog / tag / edit! (we joked about Nathan being promiscuous in the UK on the way to the car) He talked to me in French about a bunch of things, such as my being crazy / liking to drink wine or vodka at church (no) / how Wednesday had gone at SERVANTS / cake. I told him that it couldn’t have gone THAT well with Mr. Creep being there, but Eric said he didn’t show up. Jen, Randal, Lesley, Vania, Kevin, and a bunch of other people did! I said that the church felt like it was cleansed of evil, which is definitely true!

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