Sunscreen which sprays on WHITE is for me!

Forgot my bus pass when I went out just now, which resulted in lost time as I had to go back and get it. Successfully returned the sunscreen… I should get Banana Boat SPF 60 for Kids, which sprays on WHITE (and smells better) next time! Bought that, two bottles of iced tea, and some Deomacica chocolate tea biscuits (for Bible Study sharing purposes tomorrow night) – it was cheaper for more stuff than the crispbreads in the same aisle! SO ASIAN, haha!

Got home to a comment from Teunis about Sunday’s BBQ – I take it that Robin finally reminded him about it after I asked HIM to do me a favor, heh. Anyhow, Teunis says that he and Jordan (maybe?) can probably make it to the BBQ (got Eric’s address from a BootyBase document), so I’ve emailed Eric a reminder about their health / allergy concerns… and have said that I’ll probably be calling him from the church tomorrow unless I forget. Kevin’s replied to Cindy’s birthday wishes to say thanks – I wrote birthday cards for him, Eric, and Cindy prior to showering / talking to Corey / Blogger editing work.


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