Healthy biscuits and key ditziness

After reading a Bathroom Reader for a while, I went to London Drugs to get that Greek-Italian blend of pickled vegetables for Friday’s BBQ, some hand sanitizer, and some 4L apple juice which was actually on sale. When I saw these Peak Freans Lifestyle biscuits which were on sale, I had to get Cranberry-Citrus-Oat Crunch / Berry-Green Tea / Blueberry-Brown Sugar with Flax. Of course (being Asian), I picked the three boxes which had the most to them by weight.

On the way back to the apartment building, I found a penny in the dry grass of the complex. It was more dull than shiny (and almost blended in with the grass), but I managed to see it nonetheless. Later, I was taking the garbage out when I realized that I’d forgotten my keys in the apartment. Of course, I would only figure this out AFTER leaving the building! Luckily, I noticed an Asian guy going out of the building’s other entrance, and watched him carefully enough to determine that he was going back in after dumping his own garbage. Phew! The Asian family having an outdoor barbecue must have thought I was some sort of weirdo, since I seemed to be looking at the kid kicking a soccer ball around! Not true!

I’m also glad I let Teunis listen to his AKIRA soundtrack last week, instead of insisting that I listen to the old-time radio shows which he seemed to like. It’s all about the mutual give-and-take, plus it seemed to be pretty stressful after we got home from Jeremy’s! And I don’t mean “let” as in “I allowed him to do so,” because we don’t / didn’t control each other. It just seemed like the right thing to do.


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