Yelling and abusing people to screw them over is a GOOD business model… NOT!

Taiwanese culture is screwed up, apparently:

Corey says (10:06 PM): well, something that’s sort of exciting is that I have the VP of Information Systems (my computer major) as a private English student now… well, maybe… we haven’t arranged anything yet, but he told Jane’s aunt that he wanted to. Jane thinks that will turn into a lot of good business if it goes well…
Corey says (10:06 PM): since he probably knows tons of people, plus if there’s anyone that could move me from teaching English to a real job over here, that’s the kind of guy that can do it
Flami / Leslie: learning about martyrs says (10:09 PM): haha, I thought that said you WERE a VP of computer systems
Flami / Leslie: learning about martyrs says (10:11 PM): at any rate, that certainly sounds good
Corey says (10:13 PM): in other not-good news, my school I have my ARC with has basically cut me off from doing anything there, and though they haven’t said so, may be cancelling my ARC on me at any time…. which means I have to leave the country immediately
Corey says (10:14 PM): they claim someone said my class was boring… a month ago. and instead of fucking telling me this when it was an issue, they wait until now and claim it’s a big problem
Flami / Leslie: learning about martyrs says (10:14 PM): that’s absolutely stupid
Corey says (10:14 PM): there are very few decent human beings in this place
Corey says (10:16 PM): my main lesson from being here is to never trust Chinese people in business, basically… it’s all based on fucking over everyone they possibly can, usually even at the expense of their own business…. I really don’t understand how these people think.
Corey says (10:16 PM): they waste so much time and money, and absolutely never claim responsibility.. it’s always someone else’s fault that had nothing to do with anything
Corey says (10:16 PM): they work all day and study all day, and it’s all a big waste of time because they don’t understand “quality over quantity” in the least bit… so even if they’re not screwing everyone over, they’re still doing a horrible job of everything
Corey says (10:17 PM): kids here literally study until the late evening, at multiple schools during the day, then they come home just in time to START their homework!!! and it’s all memorization… they don’t UNDERSTAND anything, so it’s all so worthless
Corey says (10:18 PM) and they’re taught to never make mistakes, or be yelled at and threatened by teachers and parents, meaning they’re too afraid to attempt to understand anything because they might not get it right on their first try, and don’t want to be horribly abused anymore
Corey says (10:19 PM): I think the whole culture is screwed up beyond repair…
Corey says (10:24 PM): we do have another school lined up, willing to give me a new ARC, and 14 hours to go with it (the previous school sent a fake contract to the government saying I had 14, and gave me 5), but this new place doesn’t want me to teach at any other adult schools, meaning I’ll have to get out of my contract with EGL, another school which has been really good to me… I don’t like that at all
Flami / Leslie: learning about martyrs says (10:38 PM): that’s all screwed up, is all I can say


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