I hate that Asian mentality!

Relevant Taiwan conversation:

[22:10:29] Flami: so how’s the teaching?
[22:12:14] Corey: well, I still haven’t heard from my ARC school (in over a month, except when they said thank you for a present we gave them, hoping to get on their good side so they’d at least TALK to us), and now Jane’s parents are apparently tired of me causing them sooooo much pressure (by doing things on time instead of insanely early, and being “lazy” until it’s time to do something)
[22:12:16] Corey: so who knows, maybe I’ll just go home
[22:13:35] Flami: that’s insane! what else were you going to say?
[22:21:58] Corey: I’m probably being lazy right now, since I’m in here watching a movie (for my movie class…….. I need to prepare for that…) since they also seem to think me doing anything other than looking for a job is lazy, even though I go interview at every school I find out about
[22:23:15] Flami: that sounds really Asian, yeah…
[22:31:36] Corey: I thought Jane was finally relaxed (she always has tons of stress) for a while, and she went to bed early to get extra sleep, then I hear tons of screaming going on (like the first time I’ve ever heard her fight with her parents) … and this morning, I asked her what’s going on, and apparently they’re tired of me putting so much pressure on them……… which means stuff like feeding me, and giving me rides
[22:32:12] Corey: so, if I’m less lazy, they’ll need to give me more rides to more places, and they will complain. if I’m more lazy, they don’t have to do anything, but they’ll complain that I’m lazy
[22:32:31] Corey: the only reason they give me any rides right now is because THEY don’t want me riding a bike at night
[22:33:20] Flami: yup, Asian mentality at its “finest”
[22:34:49] Flami: always need something to complain about… and if they don’t want you riding a bike at night, they’re doing you a favor which they’d expect you to be eternally grateful for
[22:40:52] Corey: I don’t think they want me to be eternally grateful, but they just don’t want to deal with anything. they think I can’t take care of Jane, so they’re getting mad about me not working enough… so, to fix that, they’re going to help me LESS
[22:45:14] Flami: and that would help you and Jane HOW, exactly?
[22:52:41] Corey: either it doesn’t, and they want me to leave, or they think that giving us lots of pressure will make things happen faster (which really only makes everything worse, but these people are stress factories)
[22:57:47] Flami: maybe they think they’re teaching you to be self-sufficient, since you’ve been there for how long now?
[23:04:15] Corey: well, I’d love to be self-sufficient, but that’s not going to happen until these schools actually give me some money and hours
[23:05:09] Corey: I was accepted by a kids school that would give me enough, but they’re just wasting my time since they said “oh we don’t REALLY have hours here,” then they tried to let me work in another town instead, which would be okay if I could GET there… but I don’t think I can
[23:05:30] Corey: I work in another town for one of my adult schools, but that place is only a few minutes away from the train station in that town, so it’s easy to go there
[23:09:38] Flami: is that the faraway town with a lot of perfect people?
[23:16:24] Corey: perfect people?
[23:17:07] Flami: you said there was some town with a lot of people who had a character deficiency or something
[23:28:44] Corey: uh.. the students in that town are all really shy in class… I don’t think I said there was a town full of perfect people
[23:31:57] Flami: that was it! sorry
[00:27:24] Flami: on another note, I can’t believe my friend is having hot chocolate
[00:32:07] Corey: why not?
[00:35:32] Flami: IT’S HOT IN HERE!
[00:40:48] Corey: so take off all your clothes
[00:42:43] Corey: I’m 75% done with watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to find out where all the scenes are and writing down slang / idioms from the movie to explain. I hope I can just finish most of the class today and tomorrow… as in the whole movie, which is four weeks. I still have to think of some extra activities though other than just watching the movie…
[00:43:00] Flami: um, NO


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