Hooray for the waxen oracle! / Designed obsolescence is BAD, man!

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

HOORAYS (109 points) – against Doris D. [4W, hook off BITE for a plural]
ORACLE (165 points; two 4W, hook off AGE to make RAGE), ENDORSE (two 4W, hook off RAGE for a plural) – against Irene O.
MEDIA (224 points) – against Gary I. [4W, two 2W]
DINITRO (250 points) – against Greg D. [two 5W]
WAXEN (105 points) – against Denise V. [5W]
MIDDENS (106 points) – against Helen H. [two 2W, hook off GRAFT for a plural]
JAILORS (184 points) – against Jeannetta W. [two 3W]

I almost had a heart attack earlier when looking at tags entries, but all I had to do was rename one instead of doing another entry and suchlike… PHEW! Wayland and his wife have just had a baby girl that they named Camille – I can’t fault that name! Teunis came back with a professional mixer board to record his practice sessions for some gathering at Clinton on the BC Day long weekend – especially nice that he got it at Tom Lee, haha. DJ WITH CABLES, BABY! Discussed bursting vegetable cans (annoying in that you have to wash the tub that it was stored in), data stuff getting wedged (LUDDITES IN FACTORIES!), fish / potatoes / kale, math / music / approximations of pi, frustration, components and (designed) obsolescence, screens, inkjet / laser printers, and other things.


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