It’s a total NERD PARTY over here with salad and anime!

I unexpectedly saw Adam L. at the bus stop – turns out he’s volunteering at the hospital right across the street! Talked about volunteering, losing his mom’s bus tickets, providential money, leaving his U-Pass at home, and where the Canada Line train station was. Saw Billie at the station, who waved to me before we hugged hello. We figured that we wouldn’t have sushi or go to the mall, and she’s going to the beach tomorrow with Aaron. Discussed Chris the pervert (dating / drinking), Krysten being together with Dylan ALL THE TIME, laptops, Breyer’s mint chocolate chip ice cream and Island Farms lime sorbet (both on sale!), Megan and H1N1, SAILOR MOON and anime, Sean and Patricia disagreeing, Patrick being sick, and more.

Got home before Teunis did, to have sorbet and such. He got home later – discussed Adblock, laptops, screens, Israel adapters, ads, baking powder, garlic, Linux, viruses, Windows, the texture of potato salad, Pirate Speak / LEET SPEAK on Facebook, OK Cupid, and more. We’re being total nerds and are on our respective computers in the same room, haha. Also talked about his Hotmail and my Yahoo accounts being dump repositories for spam, DOUBLE RAINBOW, “girly” anime (in Japanese), TOTORO, Dutch cooking, mashed potatoes, VERY DEMOTIVATIONAL, PEOPLE OF WALMART, Failbook, Learn From My Fail, and more.

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