Sweet honeysuckle and orange peel body wash / Excel Mist gum

I went to run errands this morning after I paid my Shaw bill, since I won’t really have time later on to do so. Went to Sears to buy some panties, to Save-On Foods to get butter / strawberry jam (in anticipation of Teunis’ impending arrival again!) / Softsoap Sweet Honeysuckle and Orange Peel body wash / Excel Mist peppermint gum, to the bank to cash a cheque, and to the liquor store to see if they had the apricot wheat ale that Jeremy bought on Saturday. It seemingly wasn’t there, so I settled for a double chocolate stout instead.

Good thing I didn’t go out for lunch since I have these leftover crepes from Saturday in the fridge! Gonna take these vegetables and do something with them, too! On the way to the liquor store, I noticed a little boy whose mother was blowing bubbles for his amusement. He said “Look at me! I can blow bubbles, too!” Yeah… SPIT BUBBLES! EWWWWW, hahaha! I have a bunch of bubble solution myself that I’m never going to use up – maybe I’ll give that to one of the little kids on the weekend.


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