No, you definitely do NOT want to get deported, first offense or no!

Haven’t had a chance to get caught up with Corey in a while…

[18:57:01] Flami: so! how was your demo?!
[21:18:31] Corey: I don’t know
[21:19:37] Flami: don’t give me that! you said it was successful!
[21:25:55] Corey: well, but not final, maybe. in an hour or so, I need to go to their main office to talk to someone… the boss at that school says I’ll be better off at another location, since hers has fewer than half the hours the other ones nearby can give me.
[21:26:18] Corey: the problem is that those will want to give me kindergarten hours, which is illegal, and the punishment is getting deported if you’re caught
[21:27:25] Corey: I’m still not sure how to handle that… I want the hours, and even teaching the little kids isn’t bad, but I’ve never been deported from a country before, and I’d rather not start having that happen now if I can avoid it
[21:29:10] Flami: yikes, that sounds BAD
[21:32:06] Corey: well, the kids’ schools all have locked gates, and in theory, the guard will block government people from coming in long enough to sound the alarm. generally, they know days in advance when they’re coming to check for foreign teachers (nobody in the government aside from a few people really high up that don’t like foreign people actually care about enforcing this)
[21:32:22] Corey: so I think most of the time, that’s fairly safe… but still, the punishment, first time, is deportation
[21:33:08] Corey: not a warning or a fine or something, deportation! for something I’d guess 99.9% of everyone that comes here doesn’t even know is illegal and schools hire openly for. there’s foreign people teaching kids in every TV commercial and magazine ad for these places, too
[21:44:47] Flami: this sounds like an open secret
[22:08:14] Corey: it’s a secret to the foreign people, but apparently nobody cares about them 😛
[22:08:55] Corey: nobody here even knows about that unless I’ve told them about it
[22:09:13] Corey: the schools surely know, but they don’t tell you anything about it
[22:10:24] Flami: well, if the schools DID tell the foreign teachers about that, then the foreign teachers would dry up 😛
[22:21:10] Flami: hey, do you have Skype by any chance?
[22:36:30] Corey: yes
[22:36:38] Corey: corey_t
[22:39:59] Flami: now I have to open Skype again… thanks 😛

Then I asked him how speaking to the office people went:

<[00:12:14] Flami: so how'd it go?
[00:44:17] Corey: I don’t know
[00:44:33] Flami: stop saying “I don’t know”!
[00:44:37] Corey: they want me to work in another city, and we drove there, and that’s way the hell too far for me to ride my bike… Jane’s mom was driving, and even that took a long time
[00:44:46] Corey: and they definitely want me to teach kindergarten
[00:45:55] Flami: AIYA :S
[01:17:18] Flami: so what are you going to do?!
[01:20:02] Corey: I don’t know what I’m going to do… I’ll have to see what Jane thinks
[01:21:43] Flami: okay – maybe you’ll have something to tell me tomorrow night.
[01:25:47] Flami: just added you to Skype


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