Teaching makes Corey nearly abradant with lawyers!

High-scoring words of the night:

NEARBY (301 points) – against Mina M. [4W, 2W, 5L on Y, hook off OCTET to make NE / ET]
ABRADANT (248 points) – against Jayde M. [4W, two 2W]

Teaching students can be frustrating:

[20:04:54] Corey: the class is Ghostbusters, and the students are a bunch of shy people that are afraid to talk, and are silent even if you directly ask them simple questions… I really don’t get people here being like that. Jane says it’s because it’s scary to try to use English, and speak with a foreign person…
[20:05:44] Corey: I can see that, but these are adults that are spending their free time and their money to go learn English, and they’re at a level where they can go to a pure-English class with no Chinese help whatsoever, yet they’re still too afraid to say “I don’t know” if I ask something?
[20:06:27] Corey: they seriously just sit there and look at you, or look at their papers and pretend to think… they really won’t answer
[20:07:09] Corey: if they don’t know, just tell me so… I ask them like 6 ways, making it as simple and clear as I possibly can, and these people just look at me
[20:08:29] Flami: so you ask them something, and they just stare at you like they have no idea what you’re talking about?
[20:09:02] Corey: Jane says even if they understand me, they’re probably too afraid to talk
[20:10:49] Corey: when we had native speakers of Japanese in my Japanese class, that was a great thing since we could practice… it didn’t work that well since our Japanese sucked at that point (first semester of it), but we tried, and had fun……… I don’t get why these people even bother trying to learn English if they’re this afraid to use it
[20:15:04] Flami: maybe they don’t want to “lose face” in front of the others or you šŸ˜›
[20:18:13] Corey: well, then they’re dumb
[20:18:37] Corey: I think they’re idiots if they don’t even reply to me
[20:22:05] Corey: on Friday (next Friday, not this one actually) I have “advanced conversation” classes, with a book completely devoid of conversation, and because I have to use that book, about all I can do is read stuff and ask them questions… we’ll see if the ADVANCED students can answer things…. they might be better…
[20:22:38] Corey: the movie class is in Zhong Li, which is apparently full of shy people, according to another teacher, and this area is better…. my class at the other school is shy, but they’ll actually talk to me, at least.. so hopefully, the advanced students here are okay, too
[20:24:53] Corey: the shy students seemed to like the movie, at least… they missed a lot of jokes, but laughed at a lot of the right times, too
[20:34:59] Flami: well, I guess that’s good…

Trivia fact for Monday, July 5: How many of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention were lawyers? 34.

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