Fake fog on the seaboard / Teunis is WELCOME!

Interesting rack of the evening: HOMORAIN, against Becky O. [read this as “homo rain”]

Bingo of the evening:

SEABOARD (66 points) – against Marie L.

High-scoring words of the evening:

FAKE (166 points) – against Sylvia C. [5W, 2W]
WUSSIES (176 points) – against Becky O. [two 4W]
NEOTYPE (168 points) – against Angela V. [2W, 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
STANCES (208 points) – against Sandra B. [two 3W, hook off RANKS to make CRANKS] {a good deficit-erasing word!}
OCTET (358 points) – against Mina M. [two 5W, hook off IN to make TIN]
AVOIDS (132 points) – against Sandra R. [4W, 3W]
VEINY (252 points) – against Amanda C. [two 3W, 4L on Y]
FOG (130 points) – against Millie F. [5W, 5L on F]

Teunis says he’s about six hours away, but does want to stop by storage, which should be fine if he’s here tomorrow evening, and calls from a certain area code! As I’ve said, he is very welcome to stay as long as he needs!

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