Oozing trees on lawns: ANTIHERO! / James Joyce and NAKED LUNCH

High-scoring words of the afternoon:

OOZE (108 points) – against Georgia R.-E. [4W]
TREELAWN (115 points) – against Hunter S. [two 2W]
ANTIHERO (105 points) – against Cindy B. [5W]

I’m at the library on TOLKIEN (the screen’s brighter than what I’m used to), and have borrowed Naked Lunch: The Restored Text (William S. Burroughs, James Grauerholz, and Barry Miles) / A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man (James Joyce) / Ulysses (James Joyce and Craig Raine) since I’ve always wanted to read them, thanks to Darren Morrison. I just hope they’re not as unreadable as The Sound and the Fury (William Faulkner), which is also stream-of-consciousness!

The guy next to me wants me to watch his computer for him while he goes to the washroom – that’s your problem, not mine! I have other things to do than watch your computer for two minutes, even if I did go downstairs to the fiction section on my computer time to grab the James Joyce books. Seriously, it’s all about the FOCUS! Doing stuff with notes, statuses, and other things!


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