Writing "♥ U" on a receipt is just a LITTLE creepy!

Barry called me at 9 AM to change the shopping time… ugh, up early. Saved $22.40 while grocery shopping today – very good! I got on-sale Island Farms lime sherbet, on-sale bananas, on-sale Breyer’s mint chocolate chip ice cream, on-sale Banana Nut Cheerios, Nong Shim instant noodles, some other sort of instant noodles (microwaveable is good – maybe the stove pan will be cleaned sometime), beef pot pies, turkey pot pies, 4L of milk (just planning ahead for Teunis), Foothills spreadable butter, and a HUGE iced tea from the bulk section. Also got Oasis black cherry / blackberry juice, Oasis pomegranate / cranberry / elderberry / blueberry juice, Driscoll golden raspberries, half-price Charmin toilet paper (just what I needed!), on-sale kitchen towels (ditto), Olympic French vanilla yogurt, Western Family coffee and cream yogurt, and some bottled water. The grocery store clerk drew a heart around the amount of money I saved ($22.40!), and so wrote “♥ U” on the receipt. Um, that’s just a LITTLE creepy! Got home, poured some water in the sink, and then cleaned up the resulting flood. Now I’m going to the library!

Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper!

Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper!


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