Craving bread NOT from the mouths of decadence!

Yes, that IS a Pearl Jam HUNGER STRIKE semi-reference! This computer just restarted… did it have to do so as soon as I got home?! Actually, the library blocked LJ mid-session. To reduce wear and tear on my reusable bag, I elected to wait for the C94, which actually arrived less than thirty seconds after I arrived at the bus stop. The 401 also came in short order! Steph emailed me to say that taking the bus would be WONDERFUL, and that I didn’t need to worry about bringing any food. I might still do the French bread thing! Saw Roberta and her husband on the bus: he was carrying a bag of bagels, which immediately made me crave bread. When I got home (seeing an advisory that there would be another “emergency repair” on the hot water boiler tomorrow) and dumped the library books on the floor, I made myself two peanut butter sandwiches. I hope that’s enough, since I’d be running out of peanut butter and bread soon otherwise! I’ll just spend the evening / night reading, especially since this also restarted at 7:36 and 7:55.


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