Engineering your own Coke with grenadine!

The computer just restarted again – perfect for when I can’t sleep. *sarcasm*

Edit: [02:10:38] Corey: I’m drinking vanilla cherry peach Coke right now
[02:10:39] Corey: I bet you’re not
[02:11:53] Flami: see? I predicted a restart, and it came
[02:12:08] Flami: no, I am not – I just downed a sleeping pill, though
[02:12:45] Corey: that’s probably not as good
[02:13:37] Corey: I have Vanilla Coke, and we found grenadine (which they use for making Cherry Coke), and this peach syrup stuff that’s in the same type of container as the grenadine. I put them all together 😛
[02:14:33] Corey: they don’t have Cherry Coke here at all. I was surprised to see vanilla… they just got that here a few weeks ago. so anyway, I have to roll my own Cherry Coke 😛 the drink selection is pretty minimal unless you want tea-type drinks.. tons of those
[02:15:47] Corey: the grenadine is French, and Jane gets annoyed with me when I try to read the label (not just that, plenty of things at Carrefour, which is like French Wal-Mart, so they have a lot of French on their store brand stuff) since she thinks I can’t read French
[02:16:55] Corey: that’s true, but there’s enough common words to figure it out sometimes 😛 I figured out that we have to put it in the fridge after we open it by reading the label. Jane gets annoyed when I try to read those because they put a sticker with Chinese on it, and it’s easier to just read that. uh.. maybe for her, but I have to make do with the ones that actually have readable letters 😛
[02:17:04] Corey: Chinese isn’t even possible to attempt to read and make guesses
[02:17:20] Corey: I get a lot of use out of being able to read Japanese kana here, though

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