Crackers, popped corn tortilla chips, Maltesers, nuts, and more!

I was running late from the time I got up, but still managed to make it out of the house before 10 with Grandma. She said that she’d go by herself, and I don’t want a 90-year-old woman to go out by herself when she doesn’t really know how to get to her destination! She remembered the Canada Line, but complained that we should have gotten off at the next stop because we had to walk for five minutes from Lansdowne Station to Auntie Ruby’s. The next station is Aberdeen, even further away! Got Medora Snacks Corners Popped Corn Tortilla Chips, Vinta roasted red pepper crackers, a bag of Planters mixed nuts, a bag of Maltesers, farfalle pasta, some digestive biscuits (all from London Drugs), and a free meal of steak and root beer at Boston Pizza today. Grandma wasn’t impressed with the salmon she got, saying it didn’t have any flavor. That’s what the salt and pepper are for… I put the kibosh on going to the bank, haha.

You Hope to Leave Your Mark on the World

You want to change the world in a big way, and you don’t ever want to be forgotten.

You are ambitious, aggressive, and even a little crafty. You know how to get ahead.

You are the leader of the pack and a true adventurer. You’d visit the whole planet if you could.

You put your own interests first, but you are mindful of the interests of others. There’s plenty of room at the top!


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