I found my keys in my wallet this afternoon! / Justin fell and hurt his head…

Henry and I met at the Dairy Queen, and we were off while listening to the Team 1040. We discussed whether a meal in someone’s apartment could really be called “brunch,” and his work shift today. When we got to church, we were lucky because we got an elevator that other people were too impatient to wait for! I talked to Chrystal and Golden about losing it, finding my keys in my wallet (which I only opened to exchange money), laundry money, almost putting away milk on the shelf instead, the kids, the Linkin Park logo, snacks, and more. Eric T. wanted to know if we had any jobs for a kid to do – Jordan forgot his book. I told Jordan that I had a job for him, and got him to refill my water bottle for me. When Chrystal said that she was leaving the room to photocopy the Truth Scripts, he wondered if she was going to make a million photocopies because that would be a WASTE, then asked me whether he could make photocopies of his butt / pants / hats / shirts. NO, NOT ON THE CHURCH PHOTOCOPIER! As for paper, it depends what is on the paper in the first place!

We noticed a commotion outside – Justin A. had fallen and hit his head on the ground! Jordan went over to the window and looked – he wanted to know whether Justin was still alive, and whether he was bloody! He sounds like he could be morbid, haha. Mike asked him whether his stories would involve killing people – yes. I’m not surprised! Selwyn came into the room and verified who I was – Grandma was on the phone. She wanted to know whether I was coming home for dinner, and what time I’d be coming home… I TOLD YOU ALREADY! Of course, I understand that she has memory problems… she told me to thank the person who got me to answer the phone, but it wasn’t what she had in mind, haha. Interacted with Sophia (about Anne), Joshua and Keenan (money), David, Evelyn, Samantha, Dominic, Donald, Annie, Conor, and Aaron – Aaron was running a racket, wanting Conor to give him one Awana dollar in exchange for some gummy candy. I told him not to do that, so we’ll see. Annie said that Conor wasted all his review stickers… no, he just put them in his handbook at the required places! Ada, Sean, and Ian took me home, where I had dinner with Grandma. Now I’m just relaxing! I know there’s no Awana on Saturday because of the Victoria Day long weekend, so I can be re-acquainted with my place again, haha.


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