Pest control is probably incompetent / HOT Taiwan! / Marco Polo

Caught up on JACK BAUER posts, which is why you see a lot of entries from me in two hours. Speaking of which, Hester called me from another number while the show was on. Of course, I wasn’t going to answer it since I had other priorities at the time, but did call her back after it was done. She says the “pest control guy” is going to come tomorrow morning… well, I really think he’s incompetent, but we’ll see what happens when he does come to the suite! Reminded her about the smoke detector problem AND the wall problem – and they want to increase rent when they’ve done NOTHING to solve these things?! Incredible. *sarcasm*

Corey messaged me about Taiwan:

[01:35:45] Corey: and I went to my kids school place today, and that place seems like a bad idea. they’re not friendly, and they don’t even speak English (the boss ladies there had to wait for the other foreign teacher to come, just so they could communicate at all with me)
[01:36:09] Corey: plus those kids are tiny.. pretty sure they’re kindergarteners… nobody looks older than 4-5
[01:36:33] Corey: I’m living with a 5-year-old that goes to that school, so I have one for size reference šŸ˜›
[01:42:18] Flami: yeah, I know that those kids can be quite small
[01:48:21] Corey: well, 5 and under is illegal
[01:48:29] Corey: I don’t really feel like getting deported
[01:53:33] Flami: I wouldn’t, either
[02:01:26] Corey: it’s also fucking hot here
[02:01:48] Corey: it’s probably not even hot compared to the summer… the other foreign teacher said they might turn the AC on in JUNE…………
[02:05:15] Flami: how hot can it get?
[02:56:47] Corey: hot as hell, probably… it’s like 90 today, and humid

Trivia fact for Tuesday, May 4: What world-famous early explorer’s dying words were “I have only told the half of what I saw”? Marco Polo, who uttered these words to a priest who urged him to confess and retract his “fables.”


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