Dream of tatami trees and lots of kids / Movie theaters!

I dreamed that I was teaching a CROWDED kiddy Sunday School class in a small room. The two parents who chose to stay behind and talk were in my way when I tried telling a story to the kids, so they moved to another part of the room. Then the older kids wanted to color, and were asking me all kinds of questions… I was glad to take them on a boat trip to see tatami trees and Edmonton on the water. Chung was there, holding his baby son Mattias and telling him about the trees and water. He actually seemed interested! The kids liked playing with toys, and viewing the trees and caves out the window, too. Weird stuff!

You are Intellectual and Expressive

You are popular and well-liked. You know how to please a crowd and work a room.

You tend to respect authority and value expert opinions. You are well-read.

You have an idealistic take on life. Things aren’t perfect, but you’re doing your best to change them.

Spending time alone makes you more optimistic and ready to take on the world. You like to recharge.


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