Ex EVERYWHERE in a dream! / Kiss Flavor

High-scoring word of the morning:

DENSIFY (128 points) – against Linda B. [2W, 4W] {a good deficit-erasing word!}

Interesting rack of the morning: TOOLMENU, against Itamar R.

Had a weird dream when I could get to sleep – somehow, Korey was around, and we had to beware of his popping up anywhere. His black face even popped up in seemingly innocuous things like video games! Eric tried getting him to LEAVE, but it wasn’t happening. Instead, my friends and I watched TV to try distracting ourselves. We were about to write some tips down when my alarm kicked in… thank goodness! Next week is going to be even worse, oh man.

You Are a Strawberry-Banana Flavored Kiss

You are a sweet and soft kisser who doesn’t ever like to kiss and tell. You are a bit reserved.

For you, kissing is something extremely private. In fact, just taking this quiz probably makes you blush!

You try not to overthink kissing. It’s different with every person, and you just go with your intuition.

Kissing means a lot to you, and you do take it pretty seriously. You wouldn’t kiss just anyone.


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