My subconscious almost left me alone with my mother! / Bake Sale Items

I had a dream where I was going around with my sister and my mom. We were trying to choose a good cheap cake for Harmony’s birthday. Went to the Chinese bakery on Keefer, and I found their biggest cake available – it had a couple of tiers with a few layers each. It was also dark with lots of sugar sprinkled on it… so I told the employees to write “HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY, HARMONY!” on the cake. I even wrote it out on a blue bulletin, then looked around for Eric for some reason! A while later, my sister was going to leave me alone with my mother while she picked it up… thank goodness I awakened! The trigger HAS to be this dinner tonight – no other one at all. Good thing this is the last dinner I’ll attend this year, maybe! (I only do it for people I really love)

I have realized that my bus rides are now “free” – yay for the bus pass paying for itself! Also just made a doctor appointment for tomorrow at 3… it certainly works! Might as well, for tax credit certificates and such, whatever those happen to be!

You Are Brownies

You are outgoing and friendly. You don’t let yourself stress too much – there’s too much life to be enjoyed!

You are easy on yourself and those around you. Even if you eat the whole pan of brownies, it’s really not a big deal.

Your friends can always count on you for a smile or a laugh. You rarely judge or criticize.

You are sweet because you realize not everyone’s perfect. You don’t try to be perfect, and you love yourself even more for it.


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